Hands-On Activities For Kids: One For Every Week Of The Year

I am always looking for easy for me, hands-on activities for kids. Here’s a quick list of one for every week of the year!

At the beginning of this year, I committed to completing an easy for me, hands-on activity with my youngest son every week.

It’s now been 52 weeks since I made that commitment.

To be honest, going into it, I was a little apprehensive. I wasn’t sure I could pull it off. I thought I might give up, get tired, and watch TV instead.

If it wasn’t for you, and the accountability I felt in writing about our activities here each week, I am confident I wouldn’t have made it past February.

But, with the exception of three random weeks of illness and a bit of total mom is done-ness, we did it.

Hands-On Activities For Kids: One For Every Week Of The Year!

As a small token of my gratitude, I have pulled together here the entire year’s activities, plus three more. Hopefully, this will serve as an easy reference and place to visit when you are looking for hands-on learning options, that you know are doable (not too crafty or expensive).

Pulling together these posts was good for me too. It gave me a more global perspective on our days.

I can easily see how much time and attention we give to anxiety and sensory issues.

I learned that Harry Potter is an even bigger part of our learning than I imagined.

The best part? It showed me how much we really accomplished this year.


52 Hands-On Activities For Kids: One For Every Week Of The Year

Week 1

Learning With Paper Airplanes: 5 Steps for Easy, Hands-On Fun

Week 2

Harry Potter Solar System Activity (with free bonus printable)

Week 3

Easy Antique Map Making Activity

Week 4

Movement and Learning: Our Backyard History Timeline

Week 5

Learning About The Olympics – One Activity At A Time

Week 6

How To Create A Test Your Child Will Love To Take

Week 7

My Child Is Behind In Math

Week 8

The Ultimate Guide To Hands-On Homeschooling Activities: Everything You Need To Get Started

Week 9

Harry Potter Homeschool: Hands-On Activities For Every Aspiring Wizard

Week 10

Human Body Unit Study: An Activity About Our Skin

Week 11

St. Patrick’s Day Social Skills Activity: If I Were A Leprechaun

Week 12

Learning About The Color Spectrum: A Hands-On Activity

Week 13

Adding Hands-On Learning To Your Week Without Losing Your Mind

Week 14

Learning About The Library: A Hands-On Activity

Week 15


Week 16


Week 17

Stress Reducing Activities For Anxious Kids

Week 18

Real Life, Hands-On Activities For Teens

Week 19

Easy Make Your Own Harry Potter Wand Activity

Week 20

Harry Potter Money Activity: Hands-On Math For Older Learners

Week 21

Hands-On Learning for Hands-On Kids: Make Your Own Treasure Chest

Week 22

Art Without Meltdowns: Activities For The Perfectionist Child

Week 23

Sensory Slime Activity For Tactile Defensiveness (and having fun!)

Week 24

Plants And Gardening Activities For Older Kids

Week 25

Summer Learning Activities For Older Kids (That Are Actually Fun!)

Week 26

Hands-On Summer Reading Activities

Week 27

Easy And Effective At-Home Sensory Activities

Week 28

Activities To Help Children With Rigid Thinking

Week 29

Hands-On Learning: Oregon Trail Sourdough Activity

Week 30

Grow Your Own Crystals Summer Activity

Week 31

Poolside Learning Activities (for the child who never wants to leave the water!)

Week 32

The Easiest Way To Create Hands-On Learning Activities

Week 33

Hands-On Activities For The Struggling Reader (that really work!)

Week 34

Interest-Led Learning: When Your Kids Have Totally Different Interests

Week 35

Animals Of The World Activity: Hands-On Geography For The Animal Lover

Week 36

Q-Tip Painting: A Fine Motor and Sensory Skill Development Activity

Week 37

When Your Tween or Teen Has A Negative Mindset

Week 38

Hands-On Math Activities For The Hands-On Learner

Week 39

Help Your Struggling Child Stay Organized

Week 40

25 Ideas For Occupational Therapy At Home (sensory, fine and gross motor activities)

Week 41

Nature Study For The Older Child (and exhausted mom)

Week 42

Homeschooling High School: Art Lessons For Teens and Tweens

Week 43

How To Have A Better Homeschool Week

Week 44

100 Fun And Effective Ways To Practice Sight Words

Week 45

Hands-On Learning Activities For Older Kids

Week 46

Sensory Activities Around The House: Easy, Practical Solutions

Week 47

Fun And Free Typing Games: Perfect For Children With Learning Differences

Week 48


Week 49

An Easy Way To Make Math More Fun

Week 50

Learning With Nerf Guns (seven ideas for hands-on activities)

Week 51

100 Sensory Activities For All Ages

Week 52

31 Days Of Winter Sensory Activities (for all ages!)

I am grateful for you. My family is better because of you.


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