About Different By Design Learning

Different By Design Learning was born out of one mom’s own experience and need. 

Homeschooling and parenting children with learning differences, behavioral challenges and special needs is incredibly challenging. It’s also, in my experience, so very worth it and a lot easier to do when you feel support and encouragement!

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About Shawna 

Shawna Wingert is a special education teacher turned writer and has homeschooled her two children for the last ten years. 
Shawna has written four books – Everyday Autism, Special Education at Home, Parenting Chaos and her latest, Homeschooling Your Child With Special Needs. She has also been featured in homeschooling discussions on Today.com, The Mighty, Simple Homeschool, Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers, My Little Poppies and Raising Lifelong Leaners. 

You can find her online here at DifferentByDesignLearning.com.

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