Easy Make Your Own Harry Potter Wand Activity

My youngest has a love affair with all things Harry Potter.

It began a few years ago, when we realized that he could listen to the audio books in the car, as a way to calm down stressful trips and to give him access to books that would be difficult for him to read on his own.

It was a slippery slope from there to total fanboy.

He can quote the books from memory. He knows every character and is happy to discuss them, as if they are old friends.

The very best part about his love of these books has been his realization that many of the heroes in the book are “different.” Neville is often distracted, forgetful and struggles in his classes. Luna is made fun of for her creative and sometimes, strange comments. Hagrid loves all animals. Harry is bullied.

For a child who struggles socially, emotionally, and physically every day of his life, these characters bring him a wonderful sense of camaraderie.

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This was a tough week for him, so I wanted to incorporate a learning activity that would be fun and stress-free. I gave him a few options, but making his own Harry Potter wand was the only thing he heard and wanted to do!

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In an effort to keep this activity as simple as possible, I kept the ingredients list to things we already had around the house and left over from other activities.

What You’ll Need

Disposable chopsticks (like the drawer full I have left over from Chinese delivery – nothing fancy)

Kid Friendly Air-Dry Clay


Paint and Brush

Easy Make Your Own Harry Potter Wand Activity

Y’all know easy is my only caveat for these weekly activities. This one is no exception!

Here are the simple steps we followed in creating his wand –

Use the chopsticks as a base for the wand. My son insisted on having a wand exactly 14 inches long like someone in the books, so we broke one of them and then taped it to the end of a full size chopstick to measure 14 inches. (Don’t worry too much about how this looks. The clay will cover everything anyway.)

Cover the wand in clay, making the base a bit thicker and the end a bit tapered.

Let the clay dry.


Have fun!

We are still waiting for his final coat of paint to dry. Later today, I will give him some spells to say (spells that I made up to help him practice certain speech sounds as part of our ongoing speech therapy at home). If you want to see the final product, I will have pictures of it up on Instagram once it is all dry and ready to go.

Happy Friday!


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