Homeschool Human Anatomy Study With Dr. Robin’s School

Studying human anatomy in your homeschool? Dr. Robin’s School has everything you need for engaging learning across multiple grade levels.

Homeschool Human Anatomy Resources

Studying the human body has been a priority in our homeschool science off and on for the past year. Because my son frequently deals with doctors and the medical community, I find the more he knows and understands about his body, the more confident he is in managing his own chronic illness.

Homeschool Human Anatomy Resources

While we have tried multiple resources to help with his learning, the truth is it has been difficult to find age-appropriate materials for his anatomy study. Some are simply too basic and geared for young children. Others are dry and more like something I would’ve studied in college.

I have been on the lookout for human anatomy resources for a few years now, knowing that we need something multisensory and engaging (my son is NOT a textbook kid in every sense of the word!)

Homeschool Human Anatomy Resources
Please know, although I was paid for my time in writing this review, I only share products that genuinely work for my child. I hope they work for yours as well!

Dr. Robin’s School Of Pre-Medicine

I first learned of Dr. Robin from Cait at My Little Poppies. She and her kids absolutely adore her so I knew I had to take a look!

Dr. Robin Dickerson is a certified physician who serves as faculty at a medical school. She is also a homeschool mom who saw a need for an engaging human biology curriculum in the homeschool market.

Her passion for both medicine and homeschooling is apparent throughout her curriculum!

Homeschool Human Anatomy Resources

Dr. Robin’s School is a login-and-go video based human biology curriculum. The program includes engaging video lessons that start with basic human biology and then build into increasingly complex topics.  Each video lesson includes an optional worksheet.

Access to the curriculum also provides a curated library of links to external videos that extend the learning, including many that can be hard to find or even know exist.

What Makes This Human Biology Curriculum A Great Choice For Your Homeschool?

Dr. Robin’s School Of Pre-medicine is an expertly designed, all encompassing curriculum that provides all of the following:

No Preparation Required

Most lessons are login-and-go and require no preparation from the parents besides providing paper and writing/coloring materials or printing a worksheet if you’re choosing to use them.  The art and activity lessons use materials you already have at home or are easy to get during your usual grocery shopping or trip to a craft store.  Dissections can be done at home or watched (or squeamish kids can skip them without missing out on learning the information in other ways).

Take a look at the supplies Dr. Robin recommends HERE.

Appropriate For Kids With Learning Differences

This approach meets the needs of a variety of different families and learning styles. Live video lessons, coloring pages, dissections, drawing, clay models, and hands- on activities make this curriculum easy to flex to your child’s needs. You can only watch the lessons, only do the coloring/drawing/modeling, and, if your child is up for it, complete the dissections. The worksheets are optional and match with what’s covered in each lesson.

For my son, this varied and flexible learning makes this curriculum an excellent choice.

Homeschool Human Anatomy Resources

Real Life Discussion And Application

There is real-life correlation throughout the learning because it’s taught by a physician. This isn’t just learning about organs–it’s getting to know how they work and don’t work.  The intermediate lessons dive more deeply into physiology and disease and connect all the parts together instead of thinking of each organ separately.

Dr. Robin even has a podcast!

Continuous Learning

New lessons are added regularly (typically one a week with fewer during traditional school holidays). 

Homeschool Human Anatomy dr robin

Try Dr. Robin’s School of Pre-Medicine In Your Homeschool

Now is a perfect time to give Dr. Robin’s School a try! Not only is she offering 2 winners a 1-year subscription – every single entrant will get free access to lessons from Dr. Robin’s most popular unit The Eight Senses.

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