It is a true privilege to provide honest, real-life based books and resources designed for families just like mine.  Living and learning with our children’s differences can be difficult, but please know, if you are here, you are not doing it alone.

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Books By Shawna Wingert

It happens almost every day. I hear from a mom desperate for information on homeschooling her child with special needs and learning differences. She is terrified. She’s been told to not even consider it – that the experts need to be the ones in charge of her child’s special education.She’s terrified, yes. But somewhere, deep down, she knows it’s not working. She knows there just has to be another way.

This book is a comprehensive look at homeschooling a child with learning differences and special needs. In addition to practical tips and encouragement, it includes specific chapters for those homeschooling children with autism, ADHD, anxiety disorders and other diagnoses.

This labor of love and, if I am honest, desperation, explores the reasons our children meltdown and most importantly, how best to help them. I am as painfully open as possible, while still respecting and protecting the privacy of my sweet boys.For almost 14 years now, I have been trying to figure out how to react, how to respond, how to discipline, how to show compassion, and how to have boundaries around my children’s behavioral challenges.

This book is a journey through all of it – the successes, the total failures, the tears, the strategies, and more than anything else, the desire to help my children feel a sense of relief when it feels like there’s none.

Newly Revised Parent Workbooks

Shawna Wingert Books

If you homeschool a child with sensory needs, you already know how much the sensory system can create chaos when it comes to learning.This practical guide provides information and practical suggestions for parents homeschooling children with sensory needs. It also takes the user through a step by step process for creating more sensory focused learning throughout a homeschool day.

This workbook includes instructional information on strength-based learning, a comprehensive learning plan workbook with a sample learning plan, and support for parents who want to learn more about helping their nontraditional learner.