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Interactive Books And My Dyslexic Learner

When my son was in preschool, he carried a particular book around with him all the time.

In the car, to the grocery store – he even slept with it.

It was his favorite book. It had beautiful pictures of animals, and little interactive boxes and slides.

He loved it.

Now, that little boy is ten years old.

He doesn’t carry a favorite book with him anymore. In fact, he struggles to even sit down a read a page or two at and time.

Being dyslexic has complicated his love for learning.

He wants to read – desperately. He still has the heart of that child who slept with his favorite book for months.

But finding age appropriate books that interest him, and allow him to practice reading in a way that makes him feel confident?

It has not been easy.

Scanorama Books and My Dyslexic Learner

Please know, although I received this product for free and was compensated for my time, these opinions are 100% my own. Thank you so much for your continued support of my family. 

Interactive Books Make A Difference

Because of my son’s experience, I can’t help but be excited to share  The Scanorama Series, from Silver Dolphin Books with you.

Interactive, hands-on, informative and reader friendly – I immediately thought of my ten-year-old when I saw these books.

Last week, as part of our easy approach to science, I asked my son to take a look at the Deadly Predators book.

He was immediately hooked.

Scanorama Books and My Dyslexic Learner

Hands-On Learning with Scanorama

Without a doubt, the most compelling aspect of the book (besides the topic – predators and and ten-year-old boy, need I say more?) is the x-ray scanner found in each section. Moving the scanner provides a sliding x-ray view of the predator, to reveal a complete skeleton.

My son literally spent 45 minutes just sliding the scanners back and forth, looking closely at all of the different animals’ skeletons.

After that, we moved on to actually reading the book.  Birds of prey, snakes, and sharks – he was interested and engaged the entire time.

We put the book away and came back to it the next day, this time making it a point to find all the pop-up boxes and tabs.

Scanorama Books and My Dyslexic Learner

Because of it’s interactivity, beautiful pictures and easy to follow ‘Top 5’ lists, my son actually asked to use this book to practice his reading as well.

I found that as his confidence increased, the more he interacted with the book. And the more he interacted with the book, the more he tried to read it.

We enjoyed Deadly Predators so much, I bought Amazing Animals for him. (There is a Dinosaur version that might be next… I’m a sucker for any book that makes this kid smile.)

Scanorama Books and My Dyslexic Learner

Perfect For the Out-of-the-Box Learner

My son genuinely loves this type of interactive learning. I do too.

Watching him with Deadly Predators, I couldn’t help but be reminded of that sweet little boy, carrying his favorite book with him everywhere.

Except now the book is about nature’s killers, and he is almost as tall as I am.


If you’re interested in trying one of these books for  your learner (dyslexic or not), now is a great time. Ten winners will be selected to receive a Scanorama book of their choice in this giveaway (shipped to U.S. or Canadian addresses only).

Good luck and enjoy!

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