What Is The Best Homeschool Planner?

For years, I have struggled with finding the best homeschool planner.

Some would work beautifully for a time, and then things would escalate with my son’s health. Or, I would start to freak out that my son was still struggling to read, and the planner would feel useless.

For years, I tried and failed to find a homeschool planner that would actually work for me and our actual homeschool.

best homeschool planner

Part of the problem was that I would purchase a homeschool planner thinking it would help change our situation. That if I just got the right planner, everything would be easier, better, and certainly more in control.

Over the past few years however, my approach to homeschool planning has changed completely. Rather than thinking of my planning as a solution, I have come to see it as another tool I use to support my family as we homeschool.

See the difference?

Seeing my homeschool planner as a tool rather than a solution has allowed me to throw out all the unrealistic expectations and instead, just ask the question, “What is the best homeschool planner for me and for our life?”

best homeschool planner

What Is The Best Homeschool Planner?

What is the best homeschool planner? The short, but totally accurate answer is, “The one that works best for your family’s needs and homeschool approach.”

But after finally answering this question for myself, I found I encountered a new problem.

The homeschool planner my family and my homeschool approach needed did not exist.

After a few seasons of trying to modify planning pages from other sources, I finally gave up last year and created my own.

best homeschool planner

Homeschool Planning For Interest Led and Strength Based Learning

I created planning pages that allowed me to plan based on our strengths based approach to learning. I also created planner pages that allowed for a ton of flexibility and acknowledgement of the resistance we often face when it comes to learning.

After a few edits and changes over the past year, I can finally say that I found the best planner for my needs and lifestyle.

A Unique Approach To Homeschool Planning For Unique Learners

As I’ve worked with other homeschooling families as part of my coaching business, I have found that the need for this type of approach to planning is not unique to me. In fact, the more I have shared my homemade planning pages, the more I’ve heard from other parents that this is what they’ve needed all along.

With this in mind, I have made a much prettier version of my homeschool planner and am offering it to you, my friend, totally free. I know how hard this is. I want to help!

best homeschool planner

Free Homeschool Planning Pages For You!

These 24 homeschool planning pages are designed to make interest led and strength based learning come alive in your home (while making it easy on you!).

The free planning pages include:

  • Daily Planning
  • Weekly Planning
  • Daily Routine Planner
  • Books to Read Or Listen To Planner
  • Videos And Online Sources For Learning Planner
  • Seasonal Learning Planners for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter
  • Places To Study Planner for Geography and Mapwork
  • When It’s A Tough Day Planning
  • Unit Study Planning
  • Interest-Led Ideas Planning
  • Note Pages
  • And more!

I hope you will find these to be as effective in your homeschool as they have been in mine!

Sign-up HERE and you’ll have everything you need to get started!

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  1. Wow! THANK YOU! I think this is just what I need…I have been floundering with my youngest who was recently diagnosed with aspergers and is in high school. After years of trying to homeschool him like I did his brothers, I finally know WHY it just wasn’t working but am still struggling to figure out HOW to homeschool best for him. These will be so very helpful. Thank you so much 🙂

    1. I am so glad to hear it, Carrie.
      Thank you so much!

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