Homeschooling High School: Curriculum Choices for Grades 9-12

As we head into our final year of homeschooling, I find my high school homeschool curriculum choices reflect my experience and sense of peace about the learning process.

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Homeschooling K-12

This will be our 13th and final year homeschooling. My youngest is set to graduate in May and has been homeschooling since pre-K, never once stepping foot into a traditional, full-time school environment.

13 years. Typing this is so bittersweet.

I am thrilled that this homeschooling journey actually worked, for both of my children. I am relieved that we are almost to the finish line. I am so sad to see it all end. Homeschool graduation brings such a mix of emotions.

And, truth be told, homeschooling high school has been an amazing experience for me and my children.

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Homeschooling High School: Senior Year

As I have done every year for the past 7 years, I wanted to share my plan for the new school year and my curriculum choices.

Because I have a child already in college, I feel so much less pressure than ever before. I know what to do with his transcript. I have a sense of what I think he still needs to learn, while we still have the chance to learn it together.

Our Last Year Homeschooling

Before I share the actual subject by subject curriculum we will be using this year, there is one thing that we are adding that is totally new to us – online planning.

When my oldest went to college, I was SHOCKED at how different the expectations and requirements are as opposed to my own experience. Turns out, college looks a lot different than it did when I was in school. (I know, duh!)

I was absolutely floored to see that every single aspect of learning was done through an online program. Moreover, I felt silly for spending so much time teaching things like managing coursework and schedules manually, when all of it is done through an online system.

You can hear more about this epiphany in the latest episode of The Homeschool Sisters Podcast. Cait and I discuss 5 Things That Have Surprised Us Most as homeschool moms and #3 is all me sharing this revelation.

Homeschool Planning Online

With this in mind, one of the biggest changes we are making this year is managing our schedule, both lesson plans and our daily life, with Homeschool Planet.

I used their 30 day free trial (it did not require a credit card – I just used it for thirty days to check it out and make sure it would work for us).

This digital homeschool planner looks almost identical to what my oldest is using in college and has functionality that makes sense for planning in 2023. For example, my son will receive text messages this year prompting him to prepare to leave for his rock climbing class with a bullet pointed list of everything he needs to grab before he walks out the door. It’s like it’s doing my job for me.

It also spreads out our lessons over the course of the school year and has a built in attendance tracker for my state regulations. Finally, there’s easy to use transcript interface. Why didn’t I find this sooner?

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High School Curriculum Choices For Our Homeschool: 2023-2024

Here is what we are actually planning to learn and my curriculum choices for my son’s senior year:

Integrated Math – all year

Integrated Language Arts – all year

World Languages

Human Anatomy and Sexuality – 1 semester

Economics – 1 semester

Government – 1 semester

World Cultures and Geography – 1 semester

Art and Music Appreciation – all year

As always, I am holding all of this loosely. Our progress through these subjects will also include my son’s changing interests and needs.

Here’s to one last year of learning and love.

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