Hands-On Homeschool History With Beautiful Feet Books

Looking for a way to bring history to life in your learning? Homeschool history with Beautiful Feet Books has been an incredible success in our family.

My oldest son is graduating this month and heading to college this summer.

(It is still hard for me to type that…)

One of the most encouraging moments in my life as a homeschool mom was reading his college essay. It was surreal, seeing his words, hearing his thoughts, and witnessing how truly grown up he has become. The topic of his essay was what impressed me most – Why It Is Essential That We Study History As Individuals And As A Community.

Hands-On Homeschool History With Beautiful Feet Books
Please know, although I was compensated for my time in writing this post, we have used Beautiful Feet for years and absolutely love them! I am sharing today in the hopes you will discover this gem for your family as well.

My son has already declared a history major, and his love of studying history has long been an important element of our homeschool.

When other homeschoolers hear this part of his homeschool journey, especially as it is now coming to a close, they often ask me what curriculum we used for history.

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you already know the answer.

Beautiful Feet Books.

Homeschool History With Beautiful Feet Books

Beautiful Feet Books have been the mainstay of our history study since I found them five years ago.

Here is a quick summary of the key reasons we have had such success with Beautiful Feet Books.

  1. History with Beautiful Feet Books is literature based.
  2. The program itself is easily adaptable for various learning differences and needs.
  3. Story forms the backbone of the study – not a textbook with disconnected dates and facts.
  4. The books themselves are engaging and absolutely gorgeous.
California History With Beautiful Feet Books

California History With Beautiful Feet Books

As my oldest completes his senior year, my youngest is finishing up middle school. Thankfully, his brother’s passion for the subject ignited an a love for history in him as well.

Because we live in California, there is a state history requirement that is usually completed prior to beginning high school.

I thought today, I would take this opportunity to walk you through the highlights of Beautiful Feet Books using my youngest son’s current California history study as a guide.

Hands-On Homeschool History

The AROUND CALIFORNIA WITH CHILDREN’S BOOKS PACK: A HISTORY OF THE GOLDEN STATE is a year long course. As with all Beautiful Feet Courses, it is a literature based study with accompanying activities and resources.

In addition to the award-winning literature and corresponding questions prompting discussion and discovery, the study also includes art, poetry, geography, music, and culinary history. Beautiful drawings of plants and animals familiarize students with the unique gifts of nature indigenous to the state, cultivating respect and wonder for the natural world.

One of the absolute best parts of this study is its inclusion of multisensory, hands-on learning activities and resources. For example, when learning about Native Californians and their daily life, my son baked an acorn cake, similar to a mainstay of an early Californian’s diet.

There are nature studies and activities tied into what he is reading about in the literature. There is also a hands-on, pictorial history timeline included.

California History With Beautiful Feet Books

This is not your average, everyday approach to history. This study alone includes:

  1. Hands-On Learning Activities
  2. Creating a Picture Based Timeline Of Key Historic Events
  3. Nature Study and Crafts
  4. Field Trip Suggestions And Stunning Pictures Of Famous Places
  5. And, of course, 22 books, to create a story formed approach to studying history.

In addition to California History, we have completed just about every other study offered by Beautiful Feet Books, and have had the same consistently engaging and successful experience with each of them.

California History With Beautiful Feet Books

It’s hard to believe that next year, I will only be homeschooling one child. I can promise you though, I will be doing it with Beautiful Feet.

And now you can too!

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