High School Language Requirements For Children With Learning Differences

We have struggled for years to figure out the best way to help my son meet the foreign language requirement for high school graduation in our state.

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Even when he was younger and in a co-op Spanish class, I remember thinking that we needed to focus on reading and writing in his native language first. If he struggled to read and write in English, a language he has spoken his entire life, how would he realistically be able to do it in another language?

We tried every program, sometimes more than once.

Nothing worked and every class we tried only increased his frustration.

Learning A Second Language With Learning Differences

I am fluent in sign language and have often wondered if ASL would be a better fit for my son’s learning needs. It was for mine.

Because I could still think in English and translate to a movement, rather than a spoken or written language, I experienced far more success in my own years as student. Could the same be true for my son?

The problem is, my son has avoided ASL because I am fluent. He wants independence. Not more of mom teaching him all the things all the time.

ASL for homeschoolers
Please know, although I was compensated for my time in writing this post, I only share resources that really work for my family. We have used Mr. D Math for several years in a variety of subjects.

American Sign Language For Homeschoolers

I might be the last homeschooler on the planet to learn this, but did you know that Mr. D Math also has courses in ASL???

Well, I do now and you can bet we have added this course to our learning for the year.

Already, only a few courses in, it has changed the game for my son.

As I suspected, it is much more natural for him to learn a language that doesn’t add reading and writing, and instead allows for natural movement and nonverbal communication.

He feels accomplished. I feel relieved.

Once again, Mr. D Math has come through in our homeschool.

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Mr D Math In Your Homeschool

Mr. D Math has a wide range of options for learning. In fact, ASL is not the only Mr. D course we are using this year. My son is also enrolled in Mr. D Economics.

In addition to being enrolled in ASL and Economics this year, we have also completed:

Mr. D courses can be completed live or using a self-paced format. We have yet to encounter a course that we didn’t love!

Did you know that ASL is the 3rd most-used language in the US other than English? No only is this a great way to meet the high school foreign language requirement, it is a valuable skill for our kids to master!

If you are a homeschooler looking for a foreign language option for your child with learning differences, I highly recommend Mr. D Math’s ASL courses (and all Mr. D courses for that matter!).

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