Real Life, Hands-On Activities For Teens

Every Friday, I share a new, fun, hands-on activity here as part of our 52 Weeks of Fun-Fridays series.

Three full months in, I am so glad to be doing it.

Not only is it helping me and my sons, but I have also heard from many of you that adding a little something fun each week is helping you and yours as well.

The one question I have received, over and over again, however?

What about high school activities?

Real Life, Hands-On Activities For Teens #highschool #handson #lifeskills

I understand completely. My oldest is fifteen. His desire for and need to learn through hands-on activities has not changed. But finding ones that actually interest him and are age appropriate?

It’s not easy.

The truth is, my son loves to complete activities with more adult topics and real life implications. I think most high schoolers probably do, but finding this type of hands-on learning can be very difficult.

Although I was compensated for my time in writing this post, I only share products that work well for my family, in the hopes they may work for yours as well. 

The final straw, for us, was when my son developed an interest in our car maintenance. My husband is an actor, not a car guy, and I am useless when it comes to car stuff. Other than enrolling him in trade school classes, there seemed to be no real options for dabbling in this type of active learning at home.

That is, until I found Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum’s High School Courses.

Character and Skills for Home and Careers

What interested me most was the Character and Skills for Home and Careers elective course (an entire section is dedicated to learning the basics about cars and their maintenance – a perfect fit!).

Designed to build positive character and introduce teenagers to basic tools and skills needed to save money and gain employment, this program provides ample opportunities for real life learning. Students learn skills pertaining to electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and mechanics, as well as time management and finances. Each of the 75 lessons begins with a narrative story involving teenage characters who learn life skills while participating in home, shop, or community projects.

It covers everything from air filters to restoring old houses, and includes an emphasis on integrity and work ethic. Many of the lessons also include budget planning, as well as support in project timing and sequencing.

Real Life, Hands-On Activities For Teens

For both of my boys, this has been a great addition to our learning.

The text is divided up into smaller, almost magazine type booklets by topic. This worked really, really well for us. Less daunting than a large textbook, this allowed my sons to take the learning outside for woodworking, or to the driveway to look for spark plugs.

In addition to identifying many of the parts of our car’s engine, my sons also created a project plan and budget for building their own garden box.

The instruction was not only easy to follow, it was inspirational. Reading a story about another teenager learning real life skills encouraged my boys to do the same.

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum

In addition to the life skills elective course, PAC also offers a variety of academic options including American History, World Geography, Basic Math Skills, and Integrated Physics and Chemistry.

I highly recommend taking a look!

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