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Friday Fun-days: 52 weeks of Easy For Mom Activities

Easy for mom activities – one for every week of the year!

It’s a wild time for me and my family. 

After a scary end to last year, the honest truth is I am a complete mess.

We have to get back to school next week. We need the routine. We need the dependability. We need the learning (don’t ask me how behind my youngest son is after all the hospital stays).

I know we need to get back on track, but I also need it to be easy.

easy for mom activities


With that in mind, I have decided that our Fridays, for the entire year, will have at least one, easy for me activity to help my boys end their week on a high note.

Fridays should be more fun and relaxed anyway, right?

As I started to think through how I would implement this idea in our homeschool, I thought about my close friends, their kids and also all of you and yours.

Why not do it together?


52 Weeks Of Easy For Mom Activities

Here’s the plan:

I have put together an easy to follow, learning activity for every Friday of the year. If you’d like to join me, you can find all the information below.


Join Me For Friday Fun-days

Sign- Up below and I will send you a direct link to 52 different options for hands-on activities – one for every Friday of the year!

See you then!



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