31 Days Of Winter Sensory Activities (for all ages!)

The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are a lot of fun around here.

We decorate together.

We drink hot chocolate.

We watch as many Christmas movies as possible.

It’s fun, but it is also overstimulating and anxiety inducing for my boys. The unique sensory experience of the holidays (think Christmas music blaring with an artificial pine candles burning) combined with a different routine can be challenging.

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With this in mind, I want to head into the most wonderful time of the year prepared.  This year, this means starting our day outdoors, and as many sensory activities as possible.

In order to make it easy on all of us, I thought I would list out 31 days of winter sensory activities for my kids and for yours.


31 Days Of Winter Sensory Activities (for all ages!)

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Day 1: Ice and Salt Science

Day 2: Indoor Fort Building

Day 3: Snow Slime

Day 4:  Ice Berg Hop  (place couch cushions all over room and have child jump from one “ice berg” to the next without touching the “water” )

Day 5: Ice Painting

Day 6: “Naked Eggs” in holiday colors

Day 7: Make and send holiday cards

Day 8: Painter’s Tape Pine Tree (create a pine tree on the floor with painter’s tape, the taller the better!)

Day 9: Artificial Snowball Fight

Day 10: Make Popcorn Strings

Day 11: Make Your Own Snow

Day 12: Make Ping Pong Ball Snowmen

Day 13: DIY Ornaments

Day 14: Play Twister using only red and green circles

Day 15: Bake and decorate holiday cookies

Day 16: Make your own stocking

Day 17: Snowstorm in a Bottle

Day 18: Cut-out good old fashioned snowflakes from white paper and hang on windows

Day 19: Candy Cane Water Science

Day 20:  Create Your Own Holiday Windows with chalk markers

Day 21: Make a Snow Globe

Day 22: Trampoline Snow Ball Bounce (with real or artificial snow balls)

Day 23:  Snow Man Coffee Filter Craft 

Day 24: Make Peppermint Thinking Putty

Day 25: Hot Chocolate Play Dough

Day 26: Make an Ice Hand

Day 27:  Make and Eat Homemade Icicles (water frozen in Popsicle molds)

Day 28: Wrapping Paper Wrap-Up (use large, unused roll of wrapping paper to wrap up your sensory kiddo)

Day 29: Melted Frosty Snowman Bottle

Day 30: New Years Fireworks Activity

Day 31: New Years Dance Party


I may not get to them all, but at least we have a solid plan!

Looking for more sensory friendly ideas?

100 Sensory Activities For All Ages = #sensorykids #sensoryactivities #spd #homeschooling

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