10th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Overview: 2022-2023

This overview includes a recap of our plans for the new school year as well as our 10th grade homeschool curriculum.

10th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Overview

If you have been following my weekly lesson plan series, you know that our curriculum choices certainly ebb and flow throughout the school year. Any interest-led learning plan requires a certain amount of flexibility.

With this in mind, I am beginning this new school year with a rough idea of what we will be using for curriculum. These choices are enough to get my son started in 10th grade, but will likely shift as we move through the year. As of today, there are 18 school weeks left for us in 2022. At the very least, I imagine these choices will carry us though the holidays.

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Requirements For Homeschooling 10th Grade In Our State

In our state, the requirements for any one grade level are not defined. Essentially, I have to be able to show that we completed educational hours, 180 days of the year. That’s it.

Having said that, I do loosely follow the state guidelines for each grade level as a way of formatting my son’s high school transcript. These are the courses typically required for 10th grade in our state:

  • Language Arts 10
  • Integrated Math 10
  • Physical Science
  • Social Studies
  • Electives
  • Physical Education

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Interest-Led Curriculum Choices

My son and I sat down a few weeks ago and came up with the following list of topics he would like to learn and focus on this school year.

  1. Music Technology – mixing, recording, etc.
  2. Chemistry
  3. Literature Study via Audiobooks
  4. Vocabulary, Spelling, and Writing
  5. World Cultures and Geography
  6. Art
  7. Guitar
  8. Rock Climbing
  9. Possibly French

He also made it very clear that he would like to try more online options for learning this year. I have mixed emotions about this.

First off, he typically retains information to a much greater degree when we employ a variety of modalities in his learning. Conversely, I love the idea of trying online options that allow him more independence. I also recognize that many future employers may have video based training programs. This exposure will help him beyond this school year.

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10th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Overview: 2022-2023

Taking all of this into account, my son and I have decided on the following curriculum choices for first part of the 2022-23 school year:

Language Arts

  • World Literature Study (audio books and discussion)
  • Education Perfect – grammar, spelling, and writing


  • CTCMath (this program works so well for him, there was no need to change our approach)
  • Everyday math practice/life skills (h will have his own bank account this year with a debit card and online banking)

Social Science/Geography


  • High School Chemistry with Edison Learning (I am sharing an entire post about this choice in a few weeks – stay tuned)

Foreign Language

  • None planned for the first part of the year.


  • Voice/Music (outside class)
  • Art (outside class)
  • Guitar (online class)

Physical Education

  • Rock Climbing 3 x’s week
  • Physical Therapy

You’ll be able to see exactly how these choices are working for us, as well as any adjustments we make in the next few months as part of my weekly lesson plan recaps.

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Homeschool Curriculum Choices By Grade Level

Curious to see what curriculum we’ve used in the past?

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