Online Homeschool Math For Children With Learning Differences

CTC’s online homeschool math program is an excellent option for children with learning differences. Here’s why.

We have been struggling to find a math program for my youngest son for years.

He is actually quite a natural when it comes to math concepts. He can do basic math in his head. He enjoys talking about money and measurement.

Overall, math is actually a strength for him.

But his learning differences, particularly his struggle to read and write, have drastically impacted his ability to access higher level math.

Online Homeschool Math For Children With Learning Differences

Math worksheets and textbooks are not a good fit.

Not only do they “make the numbers float on the page” according to my son, but they kill the natural joy he feels when he is able to solve a math problem.

As I said, it’s been a struggle…until this year.

My son is now technically in eight grade. It took us this long to figure it out, but I am so glad we did!

What’s finally working for him?


Online Homeschool Math For Children With Learning Differences

Please know, although I was compensated for my time in writing this post, I only share resources that are genuinely a good fit for my family. It is my hope that they will help yours as well!

CTC Online Homeschool Math

CTCMath is an online math curriculum that consists of short video lessons, followed by quick online quizzes to allow the student to practice what they’ve learned. There is also an option to print out a PDF version of the lesson if needed for added accommodation and support.  

These are the three reasons I think CTCMath works so well for him.

  1. Short lessons are key
  2. Multi-sensory learning is essential
  3. Self-Paced access to all levels 

Online Homeschool Math For Children With Learning Differences

Online Homeschool Math For Children With Learning Differences

Here’s why these three components of CTCMath are so important.

Short Lessons

When your child struggles with attention issues, combined with the sheer brain fatigue associated with dyslexia (it’s exhausting for my son’s brain to even read the numbers on the page, much less consider the math concept) short, no-nonsense lessons go a long way. 

CTCMath lessons are about 5 minutes long. Yes, 5 minutes. 

One of founder and lead teacher, Pat Murray’s, biggest criticisms of education today is when teachers take too long trying to explain something.

“Some teachers can take upwards of 15 minutes teaching even a simple concept. It’s so boring it could send a whole army to sleep. Far better, and this is the method I prefer, is to teach the concept in about 4 minutes, and get the kids to practice it for the next 11 minutes. Same 15 minutes. But this time around, the kids have actually learned something. And have a much greater chance of recalling it later on.”

Multi-Sensory Learning

If you have read anything else I’ve written about my youngest, you know he learns best with a multi-sensory approach. 

He needs his hands, and even his body, to move in order to comprehend and retain information.

Here he is doing math on the computer – moving his hands on the keyboard and moving his legs and feet with the skateboard (whatever works!).

When Homeschooling Feels Like Your Only Option

When asked about the advantages of taking a multi-sensory approach to teaching, CTCMath founder, Pat, is strong in his beliefs:

“Any time you can engage students on multiple levels, where you encourage students to use some or all of their senses, the level they understand, how much they can retain, all of this increases significantly. This is one area where the experts have got it right.”

CTCMath is designed to deliver a multi-sensory experience through throughout the program

There’s even moving confetti on the screen when my son aces a quiz.

Self-Paced And Access To All Levels

An incredible value and benefit of CTCMath is that the Homeschool Family Program gives you access to all levels of the program for the year. 

This means my son can start at any grade level and I don’t have to guess and spend money on a program that may or may not work for his level and ability.

It also means that my son can move through at a pace that makes sense for him. 

If he needs to take it slow, the program easily accommodates it. On the days when he is super engaged, he can do more than one lesson.

CTCMath is completely flexible for his needs. 

Online Homeschool Math For Children With Learning Differences


CTCMath For Your Homeschool

Now, you can try CTCMath absolutely FREE.

Sign-up HERE for a FREE trial and take a peek for yourself!

Online Homeschool Math For Children With Learning Differences

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