Weekly Homeschool Lesson Plans

Interest-Led Lesson Plans and Weekly Recaps

With one homeschool graduate already in college and my youngest working through his last years of high school, one of the questions I am asked most is what our days and weeks look like. It can be hard to imagine an interest-led, strength-based approach to learning. 

As I shared our entire year together in 2022, a second set of questions kept coming up – What about younger kids? What about elementary school? What did your days look like back then?

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Homeschool Lesson Plans For All Ages

To continue to paint a picture of what this type of learning entails on a daily basis, for all of 2023 I will continue to share our real time, interest-led, weekly homeschool lesson plans. This year, I am changing it up a bit as I will also be sharing real examples each week of exactly what our weeks looked like when my kids were younger.

Because I have been recording our weekly records of learning since 2014, I will be looking back over real life interest-led lessons from when my son was in elementary school. It is my hope to continue to paint a picture of our current reality, while also giving you the same access to interest-led, strength based children in the younger years.

Please join me as we begin this second year of lesson plans.

Weekly Homeschool Lesson Plans For All Ages: Interest-Led (2023)

Weekly Homeschool Lesson Plans: Interest-Led (2022)

See them all here. Lesson plans and recaps are added weekly!