Homeschool Spanish Online: Perfect For Multisensory Learning!

Learning a foreign language can be challenging for many kids, especially those who need a more multisensory approach to learning. This homeschool Spanish online course uses a unique, state of the art approach to create multi-sensory learning, all from the comfort of your own computer!

homeschool spanish online

Because my youngest son is headed into high school this fall, I have been looking into the foreign language requirements in our state. I have also been a little bit discouraged, trying determine how to teach a foreign language in a way that works best for his learning style and needs.

The trouble with most options for high school level Spanish, is that they tend to be taught in a very traditional, textbook and worksheet type of format. Even most online options employ a more rote memorization approach to learning a language.

The traditional approach would be setting my son up to fail. So, I set out to find a homeschool Spanish course that would employ a more varied and multisensory approach to learning.

The Benefits Of Learning A Foreign Language

In addition to the foreign language requirement for graduation in my state, there are several other, more important reasons for wanting to include a foreign language in our homeschool.

Research shows that learning a foreign language boosts problem-solving, critical-thinking, and listening skills.

Because of the unique way learning another language stretches a child’s cognitive thinking, and also has a direct impact on increased creativity, flexibility, and confidence.

For a while, I was worried about introducing a foreign language in our homeschool. Because of my son’s learning differences, I was worried it would be too much. But the truth is, learning a foreign language is exactly in line with what he needs to expand his cognitive development and stretch his overall critical thinking skills.

I just needed to find the right approach.

homeschool spanish online
Please know, I was compensated for my time in writing this post, but I only review and share resources that actually work for my family in the hopes they may help yours as well.

Vista Academy: Online Spanish For Homeschoolers

Vista Academy is an online Spanish course that takes a wholistic and comprehensive approach to learning the language. It’s currently used by more than 2 million students around the world and takes a unique approach to learning.

Vista Academy is a flexible online Spanish course for homeschoolers.  It is a cutting-edge, virtual world language school that provides an innovative learning environment with native speaker oversight and instruction.

homeschool spanish online

There are two learning tracks, in order to provide flexibility for all students. Students choose the best learning pathway for their learning needs, and regardless of the track, a native speaker teacher will support the Vista Academy student every step of the way.

Vista Academy offers 2 tracks: ¡Olé! and ¡Bravo!

¡Olé! is completely self-paced, ¡Bravo! requires 2 weekly 30 minute Zoom meetings and interactive partner work.

Both provide the same essential ingredients for foreign language learning:

  • Flexibility
  • Taught by highly trained native speakers
  • Focus on all aspects of the language: speaking, listening, reading and writing

While the ¡Olé! track is completely self-paced, ¡Bravo! includes weekly Zoom meetings and more interactive work.

Vista Academy

Homeschool Spanish Online: Perfect For Multisensory Learning!

What impresses me most about Vista Academy’s online courses is how varied and multisensory they are.

In addition to the usual multiple choice and true/false questions, there is also a wealth of video materials related to the culture itself. It’s as if you are learning the language organically, in the country it is spoken.

For example, one of his first lessons included a video shot in Mexico City. Hearing and seeing the language being used in real time, in real places is brilliant – especially for a learner who needs a more multisensory approach.

For my son, this type of learning is perfect. It gives him an overall understanding of the culture and how this language is used. It even prompted us to pull out the map and look at the various cities in Mexico!

online learning

Looking For An Online Spanish Program For Your Homeschool?

I encourage you to take a peek at Vista Academy’s inaugural fall 2021 Spanish courses for homeschooling students. You’ll see first hand their fresh, innovative approach to learning a foreign language.

Click HERE For Vista Academy and save 20% today!

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