The Most Difficult Lesson I’ve Had To Learn: Letting Go Is Hard To Do

“I’m stuck, Mommy!“ My youngest looked down at me from the top of the tree, paralyzed with fear, clinging to the one branch he was sure would hold him. “Honey, if you got up there, you can get back down,” I said. “No,” he cried. “You don’t understand. I can’t […]

My Child’s Anxiety Is Real. Please Stop Questioning It.

It happened again to my son last month. We were at an appointment with a pediatric specialist, following up on his severe gastrointestinal issues. When the specialist saw his anxiety disorder diagnosis, she was quick to blame the anxiety for his abdominal issues. She’s not wrong. They are certainly connected, […]

Anxiety Complicates My Child’s Learning Everyday

When I was in the sixth grade, I ran for student council president. One of the requirements was getting up on stage, in front of the entire school, and giving a speech about why you should be elected. I bombed. For reals. I couldn’t remember the lines I had prepared. […]

What I Wish People Would Stop Saying To My Child With ADHD

People can be dismissive, judgmental and downright mean when it comes to my child with ADHD. It breaks my heart.  My son was in a gymnastics class last year. He loved moving his body. He loved the other kids. He loved feeling accomplished at the end. Although he loved all […]

When Your Child Is Too Anxious To Learn

Too often, my child is too anxious to learn anything at all. I am learning how to help. I have many memories of elementary and middle school. Good ones like singing in the choir, participating in history day, and my sweet third grade teacher calling me “love bug.” Like most […]

Stress Reducing Activities For Anxious Kids

This is my all time, best list of stress reducing activities for anxious kids.  One of the best tips I have for parenting a child with anxiety is plan ahead. Rather than letting the anxiety catch us both off guard (you would think I would know better after fifteen years, […]

We Need To Stop Blaming Moms For Their Children’s Anxiety

Blaming moms for their children’s anxiety helps no one. This is our story. Just over a year and a half ago, the psychiatrist said out loud what I knew he had been thinking for months. “You are too wrapped up in his anxiety and psychosomatic symptoms. You are making it […]