When Your Child Has Both ADHD and Anxiety

My child has both ADHD and anxiety. It is more common than you think. “He has an ADHD diagnosis and struggles with anxiety.” “We are in the process of evaluation right now. We know she has anxiety disorder and an ADHD diagnosis is likely.” “He always displayed the signs of […]

For The Anxious Homeschool Mom

There’s a particular brand of anxiety that grips us. This is for the anxious homeschool mom.  I woke up early this morning (more like the middle of the night). My heart was pounding. My mind was racing. Are the kids getting enough exercise? What are we going to do about […]

When Your Child Is Too Anxious For School

The constant anxiety, stress and battles surrounding simply going to school were significant factors in our decision to homeschool. This is what it’s like when your child is too anxious for school. When my now seventeen year old son was eight, he attended public school. Every single day of his […]

Seasonal Mood Changes In Children: How To Help

Seasonal mood changes in children are a real concern for many of us. Here is what has helped my son.  It took me years to put the pieces together.  Some years,  I blamed back to school stress – a new routine and learning expectations certainly cause some dysregulation. Others, I […]

What Do I Do Now That My Child Has A Diagnosis?

The reality is that you get the results and then you go home. Nothing changes. What do I do now that my child has a diagnosis? “How are you doing?” the psychologist asked, after his session with my son. I am asked this a lot lately. By sweet friends. By […]

Autism and Anxiety: Making The Decision To Medicate

Autism and anxiety often overlap in our children. This is our experience.  “It’s probably time to think about a prescription for something to help ease his anxiety,” the doctor said carefully. She looked me straight in the eyes and said, “If he is being buried in overwhelming anxiety attacks, he […]

Is There Anything I Can Do To Really Help My Anxious Child?

I stumbled across an old journal last week. It was for the year 2010 when my oldest son was six and my youngest, three. I read through it and smiled at all the cute sayings and sweet moments, grateful I had taken the time to record them. (I had completely […]