Stress Reducing Activities For Anxious Kids

This is my all time, best list of stress reducing activities for anxious kids. 

One of the best tips I have for parenting a child with anxiety is plan ahead.

Rather than letting the anxiety catch us both off guard (you would think I would know better after fifteen years, but I still react sometimes like my boys’ anxiety is a surprise) having strategies in place ahead of time, before the anxiety increases and the panic attack begins, can be the difference between a meltdown and a relaxing afternoon.

Planning ahead and finding ways to help decease our children’s anxiety, gives our kids (and let’s be honest, their moms) a sense of control that makes even the worst anxiety attack easier to handle. 

How can you help your child handle stress?

stress reducing activities for anxious kids

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52 Weeks Of Easy For Mom Activities

Every Friday this year, I am sharing an easy on mom, hands-on activity in an effort to help make this type of learning more accessible for all of us.

I have already talked a bit about having a “stash” of fun, easy learning activities available for days when homeschooling goes bad.  The same is true for helping my kids on days when stress seems to be a ruling force in our home.

Below are more than 40 ideas for activities that help decrease stress and reduce my boys’ anxiety.

An important caveat – not all of these activities work for all kids. Between my two boys alone, my oldest would never touch slime without gloves and my youngest is completely adverse to wearing headphones.

I pulled together this list in an effort to provide a variety of options for a variety of needs and sensory sensibilities.

I recommend picking one or two that you feel confident will work for your child, and keeping the ingredients on hand for when anxiety is increasing. For example, I know giant bubbles work for both of my boys, so my spice cabinet has everything we need for bubble making, right next to the Italian seasoning.

In an effort to help, here are my 40+ recommendations for activities that help reduce our kids’ anxiety.

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Stress Reducing Activities for Anxious Kids

Make Slime (my all time favorite recipe) – Kara S. Anderson

Giant Bubbles – My Little Poppies

Flubber  – Look! We’re Learning

Listen To An Audio Book

Velcro! – Joy In The Journey

Plant Seeds or Flowers in Backyard Pots

Listen to Music with Headphones

Take a Bath

Finger Painting

Balloon Stress Balls

Treat Soap – Kids Activities Blog

ALIEN SLIME – That kids craft site

Take A Brain Break – Rock Your Homeschool

Water Beads (and again I say, Water Beads)

Mindfulness at Home

Watch A Favorite Movie

Lemon and Eucalyptus Playdough – One Perfect Day

Go For A Bike Ride

Coloring Pages – Rock Your Homeschool

Jump on the Trampoline

Sidewalk Chalk

Lavender Sensory Rice – Wugs and Dooey

Big Life Journaling

Lemon Scented Cloud Dough – Lemon Lime Adventures.

Calming Construction Play – B-Inspired Mama

Gameschooling! – My Little Poppies

Lemon Playdough – Kids Activities Blog

Foot Soaks For Kiddos and Mom

Spice Painting – Raising Lifelong Learners

Calming Glitter Slime – Lemon Lime Adventures

Alexa-Schooling – Raising Lifelong Learners

Vegetable Colored Playdough – From Playtivities

Chalk Pastels

Stress Away Playdough – Love and Marriage

Walk the Dog (and/or yourself!)

activities for anxious kids

Sensory Bottle Play – The Pleasentest Thing

Light Board Tracing

Soothing Lavender Playdough – B-Inspired Mama

Chocolate Crafts (yes, chocolate!) – Look Were Learning

Take A Nature Walk and Gather Items of Interest

Lavender Cloud Dough – Growing A Jeweled Rose

Bring out the Nerf Guns

activities for anxious kids

Peppermint Scented Salt Dough – Lemon Lime Adventures

Scented Science  – Lemon Lime Adventures

Scented Sensory Beans – Kids Activities Blog

Make Paper Airplanes

Look at the Night Sky

Build A Good Ol’ Couch Cushion Fort

Activities for anxious kids can be hard to find. Luckily, my friend, Colleen, is an expert when it comes to parenting children with anxiety. She has an excellent new option to help!

for anxious kids

The Anxiety Toolkit is the result of years of talking with parents about the ways in which they help their kiddos manage their anxiety, research-based strategies, and her Colleen’s own experience in parenting children with anxiety.

When children struggle with anxiety, it can manifest itself in a variety of ways — anger, withdrawal, depression, avoidance, and everything in between. Parents and caregivers need a collection of strategies — tools to have at their disposal — to help their kids in the moment when they’re struggling.
And so, The Anxiety Toolkit: 96 Ways to Help Your Child Calm Their Worries was created. It’s made of the exact same materials as a deck of poker cards so it’s durable, meant to be used, shuffled, and manipulated again and again.

With so many to choose from, I hope these activities bring a sense of calm and fun to your kiddos.

Happy Friday!

This post is part of an ongoing series, 5 Days Of Anxiety-Free Homeschooling.

5 Days Of Anxiety Free Homeschooling

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