Plants And Gardening Activities For Older Kids

It’s finally feeling a bit like summer around here.

The bees are buzzing.

The flowers are blooming.

The mom is sweating.

(I mean, come on. Let’s keep it real. Summer and motherhood can be sweaty.)

And, my boys are wrapping up their school year.

We finished up our learning about photosynthesis and the water cycle last week. As a way to bring the more formal learning alive, I wanted to incorporate our unit into this week’s Friday Fun-Day activity. Also, I wanted to get my son outside and active (because summer and also because he goes a little stir-crazy inside!).

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What You’ll Need For This Project

A trip to the garden section at a local store or a nursery

A little spending money for each child

Gloves, if your child avoids dirt or any tactile input on his hands

Pots for plants

Plants And Gardening Activity For Older Kids

Step 1: Head to the store/plant nursery. Tell each child they have a specific budget for the trip.

Step 2: Allow your child to wander the rows and rows of plants. Expect that he will ask you to buy a $90.00 fruit tree.

Step 3: Walk away from the fruit trees and back to the seasonal plants for potting. Ask your child to consider the area that he wants to keep his pot. How much sun will these plants need? How much sunlight will they get? Allow your child to pick out enough small flowers and plants to fill one small pot.

Step 4: Once home, put on gloves if needed, and have your child get to work planting. (As we planted, we discussed the importance of the plants’ root systems and leaving room for each plant to expand. We also reviewed what we learned about the water cycle, how the plants might get food and hydration and the overall process of photosynthesis.)

Step 5: Enjoy your beautiful, flower-filled patio and allow your kids to marvel at what they have created. (We drew pictures of the flowers and my son even practiced taking pictures close-up.)

This activity has elements of learning in so many ways. The science, the budget, the sensory input and the art are all easily included in a way that is accessible for older kids.  Plus, it’s a fun way to spend time together, enjoy creation and get outside! It’s a perfect activity for the holiday weekend.

Happy Friday!

Looking for more hands-on learning?

Please join us at Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool where I am sharing a bit more about how we incorporate art into our outdoor activities.

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