Human Body Unit Study: An Activity About Our Skin

We began our human body unit study this year, on our very first day of school.

My youngest son was continuing to have digestive issues and has other chronic conditions that made his life miserable at the time. Studying our bodies and how they work seemed like a good way to at least help him understand what was happening inside him.

The truth is, now six months in, it has given him a sense of control that I did not anticipate.

Rather than feeling a random symptom and reacting to it, my son can now articulate, on a basic level, what is going on, and why his body is behaving the way it is.

It has made doctor visits, ultrasounds and even blood draws easier for him. He understands the conversations now. He can logically apply what the doctor recommends to what is happening in his body. He is calmer because of it.

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Our Human Body Unit Study

We started, that first week of school, by tracing his body on a long sheet of butcher paper. He colored in his eyes, hair and other features. Then we cut out different organs, labeled them and placed them “inside” his drawn body. The more we added, the more he began to see how our bodies are intricately connected.

After that brief introduction, he was ready for so much more. We learned about the digestive system first (because he has so many issues with his) and then the skeletal system, the circulatory system, the nervous system and the muscular system.

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Our favorite resources, the ones that lasted all six months of our study, were a set of peel and stick wall decals for all the major body systems, and of course, our body model, Bob.


(Here is it on our wall.)

This has been, by far, one of the most effective unit studies we have done in the past seven years. Not because it was complicated. No, in fact most of it was done with the two resources above, the internet, and lots of construction paper and markers.

Friday Fun-Days: An Activity About Our Skin

We are nearing the end of our study. This week, we learned all about our skin, it’s make-up and all it provides us. My son loved this one, mostly because the more we researched, the more crazy details we learned.

The average adult has 8 pounds of skin. 

We shed approximately 40,000 skin cells every minute.

My son was only too happy to share his knowledge in an attempt to gross out anyone who would listen.

For this week’s Friday Fun-Day Activity, I decided to turn my son loose with all those crazy details. I asked him to come up with six different facts about our skin, and then we put them together in the kind of poster board, presentation format that works so well with his learning differences.

Side note…

Why We Love Poster Boards

Poster boards are available at the dollar store for 50 cents.

They make any activity seem official.

Poster boards allow worksheets and printed resources to become more hands-on with scissors and glue.

They allow my son to practice his speech and presentation skills without worrying about content. All the information he needs is on the board.

After printing out all of his skin facts, he cut them out and glued them to the poster board. He also named this activity, “Excuse Me, Your Epidermis Is Showing,” because he’s awesome like that.

After completing the board, he was all too happy to share what he’d learned with his big brother.

52 Weeks Of Easy For Mom Activities – Free Printables

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Happy Friday!
Love, Shawna

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