Homeschool High School Math: The Best Decision We Made To Help My Child

When my oldest son continued to struggle with homeschool high school math, this is the very best decision we made to help!

Math has been a difficult subject for my oldest son for as long as I can remember. 

It started with timed tests back in second grade. It continued with difficulties with algebra.

It was an issue that even determined where he applied to college last month (i.e. test optional schools to avoid standardized math tests).


: The Best Decision We Made To Help My Child


He struggles with math in ways that are more intense than most learners. He has dyscalculia, which creates both a lack of understanding of math concepts, and a struggle to retain math facts.

If you ask him about it, he will shrug and tell you, “Math is just not my thing.”


homeschool high school math


The Best Decision We Made For Highschool Math

When it was clear that high school level, advanced math was just not a good option for him, we made the decision to move to more practical, everyday math. Most of what we covered was basic consumer math including budgets, balancing a bank account, and conversations about interest rates. 

While it was still a struggle at times, he was able to much more easily understand the concepts and apply his learning. 

Making the decision to change our math focus to Consumer Math was, by far, the best decision we made for his homeschool high school math. 


Homeschool High School Math


Homeschool Highschool Consumer Math

There were a variety of reasons why this worked so well for my son, and why I think consumer math can be such a game changer for high schoolers still struggling in math. 

Consumer Math is hands-on.

There is something incredibly tangible about consumer math. 

Money is something my son understands and interacts with everyday. He knows he needs to save to purchase the parts for his next computer build. He knows we have a budget for eating out. It is already a tangible part of his life.

Consumer math brings math concepts to life in the same way that hands-on manipulatives do for younger kids. It makes math real and accessible, especially for struggling learners.. 

Consumer Math builds confidence.

Because of its accessibility, my son was much more easily able to understand the material and apply it. This ease that alluded him with other math approaches, built his confidence. 

He has a sense of ownership and confidence when it comes to managing daily math expectations. He even understands taxes!

Consumer Math is practical for everyday life.

My son is now eighteen. He is headed into his adult life.

Our focus on consumer math has prepared him for the realities of money management far more successfully that I was at his age.

He understands compound interest, can balance his bank account, and has a monthly budget that he is learning to follow. 


Homeschool High School Math

Please know, although I was compensated for my time in writing this post, I only share products and resources that genuinely fit my families needs. I hope they help yours as well!


The Best Homeschool Highschool Consumer Math Program

Finding the right consumer math program for my son was not easy.

I found a few textbooks and some very basic enrichment courses, but nothing that really felt like an entire math program. I had resigned myself to having to cobble together something that would work on my own, when I heard about Mr. D Math’s Self-Paced Consumer Math Class


Mr. D Math focuses on upper-grade math. Since they’re not trying to teach “it all,” they can focus on using the most effective techniques to ensure their students are learning. While other curriculum stretch themselves thin trying to be the best for all grades, Mr. D Math teaches what he knows best. Mr. D Math also offers extra help sessions, where students can go to get help when they’re stuck. In my own opinion, these sessions are the most valuable asset to the entire curriculum. Having a seasoned teacher who is able and willing to help you better understand your work is worth its weight in gold. It really helps relieve the stress of both the students and parents.


An Overview Of Mr. D Math

We have known and used Mr. D Math for live classes off and on throughout the years.  An engaging teacher, my boys have both enjoyed and learned directly from Mr. D in the past. 

Mr. D Math offers learning catered to upper level learners in middle and high school.

He offers several high quality, self-paced math options that allow students to progress at their own pace.

Mr. D Math also offers extra online sessions, for students who need a little extra help.


Teaching Consumer Math with Mr. D


Consumer Math with Mr. D

Mr. D Math’s Consumer Math course is both engaging and comprehensive.

The Mr. D Math Consumer Math curriculum is a high-school credit course suitable for grades 10-12. This course is a project-based learning course and is self-paced. The projects in the course are designed to have students apply math skills to real world situations, not the mechanics of how to do the math. 

It includes units in:

  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Financing And Buying A Car
  • Banking
  • An Introduction To The Stock Market
  • Working With Percents for Discounts
  • Sales Tax

and so much more!

Video based and self-paced, it really is a perfect option for students looking for a more practical approach to high school math!


Teaching Consumer Math with Mr. D


Mr. D Math is a wonderful resource. Take a look at all of his course offerings, both live and self-paced!


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