Foreign Languages And Children With Learning Differences

When my youngest was in first grade, we participated in a one day a week homeschool hybrid program.

He loved playing with the other children, lunch time and science.

But every Thursday, when it was time to get our shoes on and go, he resisted leaving and going to the school. I asked him why. I tried to reward (bribe) him. I reminded him of all the fun he had the last week.

After a few weeks of cajoling, he finally told me what was bothering him.

“I can’t learn Spanish.”

The program included a Spanish class as part of the day and my son was absolutely lost in it. Moreover, the class learned Spanish in very traditional, paper and reading based methods.

I remember thinking to myself, “He struggles with English. Is it even appropriate to teach him another language?”

Please know, although I was compensated for my time in writing this post, I only share products that have genuinely helped my family. 

A few years later, we would learn more about my little guy’s learning differences. Dyslexia, dysgraphia and ADHD make traditional “book learning” almost impossible for this kid.

No wonder Spanish was so stressful for him!

When his high school aged brother began studying Japanese, my son expressed an interest in learning another language.

(After doing a little research, I learned that while learning a foreign language can be difficult for children with dyslexia and other learning differences, it can also provide many benefits, including a better understanding of English!)

My son said he wanted to learn to speak French. Why? Because it is not Spanish. (Keepin’ it real here).

This interest coincided perfectly with my oldest’s desire to continue practicing Japanese over the summer, before heading back to hybrid classes in the fall.

I decided to incorporate learning these languages, French and Japanese, into our summer learning, but I knew that we needed to try a different approach to best help my son with special needs.

Enter online learning with Rosetta Stone.

Foreign Languages And Children With Learning Differences

Rosetta Stone offers online learning options for 24 different languages and is a clear alternative to the traditional, textbook approach.

The Benefits Of Learning A Foreign Language With Rosetta Stone

  • An immersion method that works. Rosetta Stone teaches language the natural way—no translation required.
  • The most advanced speech technology. TruAccent® speech-recognition technology listens, analyzes, and corrects your child’s speech throughout the learning process.
  • Enhanced reporting and monitoring tools. Keep on track with printable reports and lesson progress data.
  • Access across devices and offline. Learn from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. When an Internet connection isn’t available, you can easily download lessons with the Audio Companion feature.

I think these are benefits for all kids, and especially children with learning difference. For example, I was excited to see the speech recognition component of the learning. Interactive and not text-based is exactly what my son needs in his learning.)

Foreign Languages And Children With Learning Differences

Foreign Languages And Children With Learning Differences

Rosetta Stone has been an excellent choice for both of my learners. Here’s why:

Both of my boys have responded well to the immersive experience Rosetta Stone provides. It’s less like the worksheets I filled out in high school French, and more like visiting France and learning the language through interactions.

This more organic and intuitive approach eliminated many of the challenges my son faces as a result of his dyslexia. Plus it was so much more fun!

Foreign Languages And Children With Learning Differences

Interested in Rosetta Stone for your unique learner? Whether you have children with learning differences or not, I highly recommend their approach.

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