Learning About The Olympics – One Activity At A Time

Somehow, we made it through January.

I am glad to see it go. For reals. It was not the best month for us.

The good news is, not only is it February (which somehow seems so much doable than January…maybe because it’s shorter?) but this February, we have the Olympics to inspire our learning!

Four years ago, my boys were like babies. (They were 8 and 11, but still, in my mind they might as well have been in diapers.) We had an entire field day with our homeschool group dedicated to the Olympics. It was amazing.  My kids were engaged in the learning and inspired by the events themselves.

Although they are four years older, they haven’t forgotten either. They have both expressed interest in the Olympics this year and I want to seize the opportunity now, while it’s still fun and fresh.

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Friday Fun-Days: 52 Weeks of Easy Hands-On Activities

Although I want to do a ton of things with this learning, the truth is, I am also just too tired. I do not have any spare brain power left for this week’s Friday Fun-Day Activity.

The good news is, I know a lot of wonderful women who do!

In the interest of relying on my community (we all need to from time to time) I was excited to see that Alicia from The Learning Well Community published this all-inclusive list of Olympics resources. Seriously y’all, she did all the work so we don’t have to.

I decided to complete one of the activities she recommends this week with my youngest, as part of our 52 Weeks Series.

Getting Ready To Learn About The Olympics

Alicia’s list has so many good ideas – most of which I wanted to save for when the Olympics are actually happening. There was one activity she recommended however, that stood out as a perfect way for us to get ready for the big event.

The Olympic Torch

A few months ago, my son and I actually saw the Olympic torch and the runners in person, as we drove to the store. We pulled over and watched. He grabbed my phone and tried to take a picture.  It was thrilling for him and, if I am honest, me too.

At the time, we briefly discussed the torch itself, the process and the history behind it’s symbolism.

For this week’s activity, we started with a quick review (this is the most succinct summary I could find) and then moved into the activity itself.


What You’ll Need For This Week’s Activity – 

Chalk Pastels (preferred, although I am sure you could modify with color pencils or crayons as needed)

White Paper

This Video Tutorial from Chalk Pastels – You are an Artist

Step 1: Gather all your supplies.


Step 2: Turn on the YouTube Tutorial.


Step 3: Follow along.


Step 4: Celebrate your child’s amazing artistic ability!

Overall, we had so much fun with this one. It certainly helped that my son had seen the torch first hand and was super motivated to learn more. The truth is, even without the previous encounter, I think this would’ve been a hit.

This type of art is easy for us both. Chalk pastels allow for less precision – something that makes a big difference to a boy with lagging fine motor skills and a perfectionist streak!

With the tough week (read:month) we’ve been having, I called this our Art Therapy for the day.

Happy February. Happy Olympics. Happy Friday.


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  1. Oh, I am so glad to be reminded of the Olympic torch chalk pastel tutorial! I think we might just have to include this today. 🙂 Thanks, too, for being real about our need for help from our community!

    1. Yes!!! We all need the reminder – as often as possible, I think.
      Thanks so much, Amy. ❤️

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