Learning About The Library: A Hands-On Activity

I worked at the campus library in college.

It was the best job I ever had. I was in charge of cataloging and shelving new books. This meant I not only got to see many of the new books coming into the library, but I also was paid to wander to book stacks, all afternoon, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I am grateful that my boys share this love of and reverence for the library.

In fact, even though my youngest son is profoundly dyslexic and can barely read any of the books he is interested in, last month, as he wandered the stacks, he turned to me and said, “You know… I don’t have a single bad memory of a library. Only good ones.”

I teared up and little and answered, “Me too, Buddy. Me too.”

Learning About The Library: A Hands-On Activity #library #handsonlearning #kidsactivity #freeprintable

This week, in an effort to help him feel a little more independent on our trips to the local library, I introduced him to the Dewy Decimal System. Then, to help the learning “stick” I incorporated in this week’s Friday Fun-Day activity.

Hands-On Learning About The Library

We love a good scavenger hunt around here.

Tapping into this excitement, I created a scavenger hunt that would help my son feel more confident as he navigated our library. I included books and topics that I knew he would find interesting (insects and Harry Potter anyone?) and we got on our way.

We had a great time, found a ton of books to bring home and read, and best of all, he learned about the library in a way that works best with his learning style and differences.

(And he even got bonus points – Hi Helen!)

If you would like to complete this with your child as well, our scavenger hunt is available for download here.

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