Hands-On Learning Activities For Older Kids

Why is it so hard to find hands-on learning activities for older kids? These are just a few of our favorites!

We have studied the Ancient Greeks, Ancient Romans and Ancient Egyptians off and on for more than four years.

My children are natural historians, and love to imagine themselves as mini-Indiana Jones type archaeologists.

Hands-On Learning Activities For Older Kids

I find history to be one of the subjects that most easily lends itself to hands-on learning activities.

It’s interesting how well this has worked for my boys. Both consider themselves history buffs and are naturally far above grade level in this subject.

Because of their increasing interest, history has also become a way for me to help them with other skills. For example, my youngest struggles with fine motor skills and handwriting. In trying to find a way to help him at home and in ways that are much more effective than our last occupational therapy experience, this week’s activity was born.

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Today, I am sharing our experience with an Ancient Japan Study over at Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus.

I am almost ashamed to admit how little I learned in school about this amazing country, much less its history. (I always say that I am learning as much as my boys are in this homeschooling journey – like whoa!)

This activity not only incorporated in a new ancient cultural study, but allowed my son to practice his fine motor skills in a way that felt more like fun than therapy.

Hands-On History Activities For Older Kids


Learn all about this easy, but super effective Ancient Japan activity HERE.


Hands-On Learning Activities For Older Kids

Because my sons respond so well to anything history related, we have incorporated history into much of our hands-on, project based learning.

We have learned about the Oregon Trail.

Hands-On History Activities For Older Kids

We made our own backyard history timeline.

Hands-On History Activities For Older Kids

We made map studies a part of our learning each week.

Hands-On History Activities For Older Kids

And, my favorite, we used TOOBS to have a little fun with Ancient Egypt and The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Hands-On History Activities For Older Kids

Because this has worked so well, I have also included hands-on science into our days as much as possible. There are just a few of our favorites:

This molecule modular kit.

hands-on learning

and this Periodic Table Tile Puzzle.


The Benefits Of Hands-On Study

I can only speak for my family, but this is, by far, the best way for my kids to learn.

Not only are they more engaged and active in the lesson, they are much more likely to retain the information.

This year of hands-on learning has been wonderful, for all of us. They enjoy the studies and I enjoy finding ways that really seem to impact their needs and overall academic progress.

My boys may be older now, but hands-on learning is still essential!

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