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An Ocean Life Book Perfect For Interest-Led Science

Inspire interest led science with this wonderful ocean life book!

It began when my oldest son was only three years old.

He was absolutely obsessed with marine life. He knew everything there was to know about sharks by the time he was four. He could list off his favorite tropical fish and discuss the world’s coral reefs by the time he was six. 

More than a decade later, he could build his own salt water aquarium and water purification system from scratch.

An Ocean Life Book Perfect For Interest Led Science

If you have followed my family for any length of time, you’ve seen the photos. 

My son and I have been wandering around local fish stores together for years. He’s checked every single book on marine life out of the local library more than once and can now recite details of freshwater and saltwater life as an expert.

Because of his interest, ocean life has been an integral part of our interest-led homeschool for a long time.

An Ocean Life Book Perfect For Interest Led Science

Last week, I in a coaching session with a new mom, I learned her seven year old shares the same interest.

“It’s all about fish right now. Seriously, all day, every day. How do I use this interest to foster any real learning?”

I was so excited to have exactly the right resource to share with her. 

An Ocean Life Book Perfect For Interest Led Science

Please know, although I was compensated for my time in writing this post, I only share resources that I find helpful and relevant for my own family, in the hope they may help yours as well. 

An Ocean Life Book To Inspire Your Children

All Fish Faces: Photos & Fun Facts about Tropical Reef Fish by Tam Warner Minton is a delightful book, perfect for the child interested in fish and other marine life. 

The author has traveled to all seven continents and is truly an adventurer. Both a writer and scuba diver, All Fish Faces: Photos & Fun Facts about Tropical Reef Fish reads like her labor of love.

Funny and endearing, the book includes colorful profiles of various tropical fish, as well as fun facts throughout.

My boys are obviously a little old for picture books, but they loved this book because it is so clear how much Tam enjoys this topic. (It was like they found a kindred spirit!)

An Ocean Life Book Perfect For Interest Led Science

Why All Fish Faces Is Perfect For Interest Led Science

Because the author is so passionate about helping children learn about ocean life, the book has several features that are perfect for interest led science.

As I mentioned, fun, relevant facts are included throughout alongside the most beautiful pictures of actual fish faces. It feels like you are actually underwater, looking directly at them as they look at you.

The books includes a discussion of the differences between mammals and fish, and highlights the fact that fish are just as curious about us as we are about them. 

It’s unique and a wonderful way to engage children in this type of learning. 

An Ocean Life Book Perfect For Interest Led Science

In addition to the book itself, the author’s website offers coloring pages for each of the fish as a way to extend the learning.

You can also download a free excerpt of the book if you’re interested in taking a closer look!

An Ocean Life Book Perfect For Interest Led Science


Get Your Own Copy Of This Ocean Life Book

You can easily order your copy of All Fish Faces: Photos & Fun Facts About Tropical Reef Fish from Amazon.

Or, you can get a 20% discount by emailing the author directly. Get all the details HERE.

Even better, if you are in the United States or Canada, you can also enter to win a free copy of the book. 


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