Homeschool Science Curriculum: Secular Programs Your Child Will Love

Finding a secular homeschool science curriculum is not always easy. This is a list of the very best homeschool science curricula taking a secular approach to learning.

Homeschool Science Curriculum

When I first started homeschooling, I was surprised to see how little options I could find for science. Almost everything that was recommended to me, or that I saw at homeschool conventions, weren’t secular in nature. In fact, most options seemed to take the exact opposite approach.

Over the past few years however, we have had the opportunity to use some of the very best secular science options out there.

BookShark Science

These are the secular science programs for homeschoolers that I rank at the very top.

Homeschool Science Curriculum: Secular Programs Your Child Will Love

1. BookShark Science

BookShark is by far, one of our very favorites. There are programs for every grade level and each include:

  • Comprehensive lesson plans
  • Worksheets
  • Supplemental books for more enjoyable scientific reading
  • Hands-on labs for every key concept

If you are looking for an open and go, secular science curriculum, I can’t imagine anything better than BookShark.

See for yourself in this video.

Read more about BookShark Science.

2. Science Unlocked by Homeschool Science Tools

Designed for kids ages K-12, Science Unlocked is an, all-in-one curriculum program created to teach science at home. Science Unlocked combines a comprehensive, ongoing program with lessons and tons of lab supplies delivered right to your door.

Take a look at Science Unlocked in action.

Read more about Science Unlocked.

3. Dr. Robin’s School of Pre-Med

I was introduced to Dr. Robin’s program from Cait at My Little Poppies. She and her kids absolutely loved her teaching, so I wanted to try it for my son.

Dr. Robin Dickerson is a certified physician who serves as faculty at a medical school. She is also a homeschool mom who wanted to provide another option for secular science in the homeschool community.

Take a look at this overview of the program.

Read more about Dr. Robin’s School.

4. The Waldock Way Science Themed Unit Studies

We have completed every single one of The Waldock Way’s science unit studies and can’t wait for her next one.

Perfect for learners of varying ages and abilities, each Waldock Way unit study includes:

  • educational videos to enhance learning
  • hands-on activities
  • games
  • Youtube playlists
  • book lists

Take a peek inside a Waldock Way Science Unit Study.

YouTube Channels For Secular Homeschool Science

In addition to the programs above, a big part of how we learn science in our homeschool is through YouTube videos. My son is naturally interested and engaged when watching videos from the following channels:

Hands-On Secular Science Activities

Above all, I have found that the secret to homeschool science for my child is lots and lots of hands-on activities. Consider them science labs and watch the learning come to life for your child!

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