Changing Things Up In Your Homeschool This Summer (without spending a ton of money!)

Although we homeschool year round, summer is historically when I take the time to change things up a bit, enjoy a more relaxed approach to learning, and even try out new resources.

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I sometimes miss the days of summer vacation that I had as a child. Playing with my friends, watching movies with my sister, and swimming until the sun went down; I have wonderful memories of my childhood summer. Being in a traditional school system with a traditional school schedule meant absolutely nothing resembling learning was a part of my summer days.

My son’s summer looks dramatically different. (Homeschooling can do that.) The school year itself is so different that it makes sense that summer would also look nothing like a traditional summer break.

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Taking A Summer Break In Your Homeschool

In our family, summer break isn’t really a break at all. Instead, we homeschool year round, with a relaxed schedule, taking time off when needed. It works really well. My son values routine. I value the flexibility.

Because I still feel a little wistful about the summer vacations of my youth however, I do change things up for summer learning. Summer in our homeschool is a time for taking a more relaxed approach to learning, and even trying out new resources.

Changing Things Up In Your Homeschool This Summer

As I put together a rough plan for our summer, I had a few objectives.

  1. Help my oldest son transition back into our home and family routine. (He is home for the next three months after completing his first year of college.)
  2. Relax and enjoy summer learning in a way that is natural and interest-led.
  3. Take some time to think about new resources and curriculum options for next year.

In my weekly homeschool lesson updates, I have shared a glimpse at what my plan is for the first two objectives. (You can take a peek at our summer learning plan HERE.)

Now, I want to share what I am using to consider new resources and curriculum for next year.

homeschool buyers club
Please know, although I was compensated for my time in writing this post, I only share resources that work well for my family. With all of their free options, this is definitely one of them!

Free Homeschool Curriculum Resources To Try This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to try new things.

As I begin to think about our needs for a new school year, I always ask my son to consider what he might be interested in learning as well. Then, if possible, I look for free curriculum samples for us to try. While this has worked well, the reality is that most of my son’s interests this year will involve more interactive, online classes.

Then, I found out that Homeschool Buyers Club has an entire list of free options for learning this summer (and beyond). Seriously, totally free with a variety of options for all ages and subjects.

After taking a look at the list, my son and I are going to add these free resources to our summer learning. Not only will it help us change things up a bit, but it allows us to try potential new curriculum options for the fall.

Take a look at these online options for older learners:

There’s even a free aquaponics learning bundle from Dynamic Earth Learning that both of my boys are interested in.

If you have younger kids, the list of options is just as amazing, including a Reading Eggs free trial (something my son used and loved when he was younger).

You will find all of the free summer learning options for all ages HERE.

Free Gifts For Your Summer Learning

In addition to the massive list of free curriculum options, Homeschool Buyers Club is also offering 3 Free Gifts for homeschool families this summer. (I know, free on top of free? It sounds too good to be true, but I am here to tell you it isn’t!)

summer learning options

I am genuinely excited to try so many new things in the next few weeks. You’ll see how we progress in my weekly lesson plans. I will also check back next month and let you know how our summer learning, with these free resources, has worked out.

Stay tuned, and be sure to pick up your own free resources HERE.

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