72 YouTube Channels Perfect For Homeschooling All Ages

After crowdsourcing from homeschooling parents all around the world, we’ve created an ultimate guide to homeschooling with YouTube. This includes a master list of 72 YouTube channels perfect for homeschooling all ages.

72 YouTube Channels Perfect For Homeschooling All Ages

Why YouTube Is An Exceptional Resource For Learning

YouTube has become an essential resource in our homeschool. Not only is it a free resource, but it provides video based learning, often in formats that are more interesting for kids.

As I have shared our lesson plans this year, many of you have asked for YouTube recommendations for children of all ages. The reality is that YouTube can be a powerful resource, no matter what ages you are homeschooling.

With this in mind, I asked homeschooling parents from all over the world to share their favorite channels for learning, especially for younger kids.

The results were amazing! Here are the top 72 favorites. These include channels for all ages, subjects and interests.

There is something for everyone on this list!

youtube channels for homeschooling

72 YouTube Channels Perfect For Homeschooling All Ages

  1. Mark Rober
  2. Crash Course
  3. Crash Course Kids 
  4. Homeschool Pop 
  5. BBC Earth 
  6. BraveWilderness 
  7. Physics Girl
  8. HooplaKidzLab 
  9. Whiz Kids 
  10. Brain Bubble 
  11. Kids Learning Tube 
  12. National Geographic 
  13. Khan Academy 
  14. Australia Zoo
  15. Animal Planet
  16. History Channel 
  17. Veritasium 
  18. Periodic Videos 
  19. CTC Math 
  20. Seeker 
  21. Global Weirding 
  22. Science Sparks 
  23. Vihart 
  24. Sick Science 
  25. Scishow
  26. Mathantics
  27. World Watch
  28. Free School 
  29. Kids Learning Tube 
  30. Ollie Bye 
  31. Geography Now 
  32. EmporerTigerstar 
  33. Travel Kids 
  34. OverSimplified 
  35. Timeline 
  36. You Are an Artist
  37. Ted-Ed 
  38. Second Thought 
  39. It’s Okay To Be Smart
  40. Top Tenz 
  41. Today I Found Out 
  42. Professor Dave Explains 
  43. What’s Inside 
  44. 60Second Philosophy
  45. Finding Stuff Out 
  46. The Slow Mo Guys
  47. Geek Gurl Diaries
  48. Above The Noise 
  49. Jam Campus
  50. Mr. Fix It DIY 
  51. I Like To Make Stuff 
  52. Life Noggin 
  53. PBS Eons
  54. AquaKids 
  55. Mental Floss 
  56. Periodic Videos
  57. Smithsonian 
  58. Brain Scoop
  59. Toys and Colors
  60. New Sky Kids 
  61. LuckyTurist 
  62. Wow Art
  63. Hoffman Academy
  64. TwoSetViolin
  65. Food Network
  66. The Royal Institution 
  67. Vihart
  68. Minutephysics
  69. Rosanna Pansino
  70. LEGO® 
  71. CandySeed Stories
  72. AstonishingStudios

After publishing this list, parents have added a few more resources to the list. Take a look at these bonus favorites!

Looking for the same type of learning resources, but not on YouTube?

An overwhelming number of families suggested The Magic School Bus series and Brain Pop.

youtube channels for homeschooling

How We Include YouTube In Our Homeschool

As I mentioned, we use YouTube on a daily basis here in our homeschool. It has become the mainstay of our interest-led, curiosity based learning.

If you would like to see YouTube in action, take a look at our homeschool lesson plans and recaps for this year. You’ll see exactly how we use YouTube and which videos we are watching for every subject.

You’ll find all of our 2022 lessons plans here.

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