Hands On History For Children With Learning Differences

Hands on history has been the very best way to help my children with learning differences really grasp historical perspectives and events. This is an example of why it works so well. 

Both of my boys are history buffs.

They love the stories, the battles and the idea of living in a time nothing like our own.

Last year, we completed a bit of testing to check in on their progress. Both tested at the college level in history.

Both have learning differences.

hands on history

Our study of history over the years is perhaps the best example I can give to illustrate the benefits of a strength based approach to learning.

History, because of it’s natural interest for my boys, has been something we have devoted more time to than most other subjects. Moreover, it’s a subject that has inspired me to help them learn in ways that make sense for their learning differences. 

But it has not been without its challenges. For my youngest, time blindness (a very real struggle for many kiddos with ADHD) means history can get all mixed up in his brain. He knows the stories, but placing them in any sort of linear manner in connection with one another is incredibly challenging for him. 

As he struggled early on, I learned that the only way to help him was to incorporate hands-on learning activities and especially, timelines.

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I was compensated for my time in writing this post. Please know, I only share resources that genuinely work for my family in the hopes they may help yours as well. 

The visual representation of a timeline is essential for my children with learning differences. It’s how they make sense of the progression of history and correlate one historic event to another. 

We have done timelines in the past, but now that my boys are older, I have been looking for a way to create a timeline with them that feels appropriate for their age. I want to add details and create something that fully encapsulates our combined world history study this year.

Fortunately, I found Home School in the Woods to add an element of hands-on and visual spatial learning.

home school in the woods

Hands On History For Children With Learning Differences

The Home School In The Woods Timeline Trio has exactly what I was looking for to assist my boys in history this year. 

There are three things that made it an obvious choice for my boys.

1. It is comprehensive.

Because my boys have done timelines in the past, I need something for them that is more detailed and honestly, more age/learning level appropriate. The Timeline Trio provides both basic pictorial figures, as well as much more detailed notes for each timeline entry. 

I like that we can include as much or as little as we like in creating our timeline. 

2. It is easy for mom.

Seriously, this is my favorite part. The Timeline Trio includes a CD with all of the figures available to be used on the timeline. I like the CD because it means I can easily download only what I need, when I need it. (Even better, I have my older son download what I need when I need it. He is our computer geek, so this just makes sense!)

There is an entire Suggested Placement Guide that provides placement options for each of the timeline entries, which means I don’t have to scramble to remember the year of a particular event. It is seriously all done for me.

hands on history and learning differences

3. It incorporates hands-on, tactile learning essential for learning retention and engagement. 

Most importantly, this timeline incorporates the hands-on learning my youngest requires. Even using the scissors and glue gives him the tactile input he craves, as we learn. (Plus, it is a great way to practice fine motor skills.)

I also like that the Timeline Trio includes a notebook to keep the timelines in as we progress through history, but also allows us the flexibility to put timelines up around the room as we learn all about the events.  

Overall, it is an excellent fit for our learning needs and I am excited to use it throughout our school year. 

home school in the woods - hands on history

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Good luck and happy learning!


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