TEACH by Dennis DiNoia: Creating Independently Responsible Learners

One of my family’s favorite homeschool teachers has released a new book and it is a must-read for parents. TEACH: Creating Independently Responsible Learners by Dennis DiNoia is a refreshing look at education as a whole, and serves as a guide to empowering our children to discover and learn.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dennis DiNoia for the first time in person back in 2016. He was funny, engaging, and far more entertaining than I thought any math teacher could be. He and my husband cracked jokes for the better part of the three day homeschool convention.

It was fun. It was also memorable, but not just because of the laughter. In between the banter, we had serious conversations about education, what our children really need in order to thrive, and the impact that homeschooling can have on struggling learners.

I’ve had more discussions with Dennis over the years. All of them just as warm and just as encouraging.

I’m happy to share that he’s written a book to give everyone the same experience.

Please know, although Dennis was kind enough to compensate me for my time in writing this post, I am sharing it with you because I believe it to be a wonderful resource for parents.

TEACH: Creating Independently Responsible Learners by Dennis DiNoia

Dennis DiNoia (also known to us homeschoolers as Mr. D) is a former high school math teacher. 15 years ago, Mr. D left the public school system to make a difference in the lives of homeschooled children through his online courses, podcast, and public speaking.

He is down to earth, and teaches problem solving skills in a way that are not just specific to a math course, but also translate to everyday life.

This approach is central to the message of TEACH.


An Inside Look At TEACH

Throughout the book, we learn how our children can learn to how to learn, far beyond any one academic subject. Most importantly, Dennis ties this to the real-life outcomes we hope our children will realize as adults.

We are living in the information age. What people miss though, is that it’s not the information that is valuable. What we, as parents and teachers, need to focus on is DISCOVERING”

Dennis DiNoia, M Ed.

Some of the most notable concepts covered in this book are:

  • The student becoming the teacher
  • Different ideas for how to grade work
  • Learning to think independently
  • Relating schoolwork to the things you love to do

These concepts weave together an interest-based, student-led approach to learning. It was empowering and encouraging to read Dennis’s words as I continue to implement this same style in our homeschool.


Take a look at the book’s overall organization.

  • Chapter 1: An Accidental Discovery
  • Chapter 2: The Independently Responsible Learner
  • Chapter 3: The Student Is The Teacher
  • Chapter 4: Checking Your Own Work
  • Chapter 5: Present Yourself
  • Chapter 6: Testing, Testing, 1-2-3
  • Chapter 7: Learning How To Think
  • Chapter 8: Do What You Love To Do
  • Chapter 9: Mastermind
  • Chapter 10: The Parent Is The Coach
  • Bonus Chapter: Goal Setting

My three favorite chapters were “Learning How To Think,” “Do What You Love To Do,” and “The Parent Is The Coach”.


In the world of coaching, do coaches show you how to do something? Or do they let you experience how to do it by giving you the opportunity to discover it for yourself?

TEACH, Dennis DiNoia, pp.119

Having read the book, you should also know that Dennis wrote it for kids as much as for parents. I absolutely see the value of having your teens read his book and discuss what it means for their learning and their future.


Get Your Copy Of TEACH

TEACH: Creating Independently Responsible Learners by Dennis DiNoia is available now on Kindle, Audible, and in paperback. I highly recommend it.

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We have had a wonderful experience with Dennis in a variety of capacities. Not only is he a blast at conventions, but his online courses have been a part of our homeschool for years.

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