Online Homeschool Classes For All Ages With Allschool

These online homeschool classes offer engaging and fun learning for learners of all ages.

online homeschool classes for all ages

Online learning has been a great fit for my son. The longer we homeschool, the more I see first hand the benefits of online classes.

Online learning is inherently multisensory in that employs visual and audio learning inputs (and even tactile if you consider moving the computer mouse and typing). I also love that my son has access to other teachers and perspectives though online courses.

online homeschool classes
Please know, although I was compensated for my time in writing this post, I only share resources that genuinely work for my family. It is my hope that they may help yours.

Because of this, I was pleased to learn about Allschool, an online learning platform perfect for interest-led learning.

What Is Allschool?

Allschool offers live and interactive online classes for preschool through high school students, ages 3-18. Allschool offers a wide variety of options for online learning.

Take a look at just a few of the class topics:

The Features Of Allschool

After using Allschool this past month, there are several helpful features and benefits that I want to note.

Easy To Navigate Platform

The platform itself is very well done and user friendly. Not only was I easily able to navigate the site, my son was as well. Plus, they have a search function to help you find the classes your child is interested in right away, rather than scrolling through.

Fun And Engaging Teachers

In any classroom, the teacher makes a profound difference in the learner’s overall experience. This seems to be doubly true for my son. I was delighted to see how engaged and responsive his teachers were.

Courses For Every Interest

For our interest-led homeschool, this is perhaps the most significant benefit of Allschool. When a topic comes up in our learning, we can easily search Allschool and see if a class is available about the topic. For example, when Ancient Egypt came up in conversation last week, I searched Allschool and found a Pyramid Escape Room class.

Students have the option to be on or off camera and participate as little or as much as they like (so important if your child struggles with anxiety around new classes!).

Built-In Reminders For Parents

This may seem silly, but I find the email reminding me that my son has a class a valuable feature. The built-in reminders for parents help me keep our day on track.

online homeschool classes

Allschool For Interest-Led Learning

Because my son is a self-professed animal lover, he chose to participate in a course all about animals. The teacher was dynamic, engaging, and inclusive. She had the class riveted as they watched a live animal feeds from the Smithsonian and discussed the animal kingdom.

My son enjoyed the discussion and overall, was very happy with his experience. Plus, it fit right in with our interest-led learning plan.

Try Allschool In Your Homeschool

Want to give Allschool a try? You can register for one free class (up to a $20.00 value) right now and see Allschool in action.

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