Creative Online Craft Lessons Perfect For Your Homeschool

Online homeschool craft lessons are an excellent way to infuse life skills and fun into your child’s education. Learn more about the value of this approach in your homeschool, and how the Makers Club Membership from Elevation Handmade makes handicrafts accessible and easy for kids of all ages.

Creative Online Craft Lessons Perfect For Your Homeschool

The Incredible Value Of Electives In Your Child’s Learning

Now that my youngest son is in high school, and getting closer and closer to graduation, I find myself reflecting back on what worked and didn’t work in our homeschool.

The interest-led, strength based approach to his learning? That’s definitely something that has worked well. But the more I reflect, the more I see that embedded in our approach was also a consistent support of, and value placed upon, electives in our homeschool.

Last week, I shared a conversation I had with a graduate student researching the benefits of art instruction, electives, and extra-curricular activities in the long term success of students. His research is proving much of what I have seen in our homeschool, as well as what studies consistently show.

Classes that we consider to be “elective” contribute to overall better outcomes in:

  • Academic performance (math and literacy scores improve when children are exposed to art and other elective courses)
  • Behavioral concerns
  • Overall sense of self confidence and well-being

Too often, we dismiss electives as less important when the research shows that for all children, and especially those with unique learning needs, these types of classes may actually be the MOST important.

Creative Online Craft Lessons Perfect For Your Homeschool

Kid’s Crafts For The Not-So-Crafty Mom

While I wholeheartedly see this first hand with my own child, the reality is that I am not what one would consider crafty. I don’t DIY anything and often feel intimidated when considering how to incorporate handicrafts into our homeschool.

Over the course of the last ten years, I have frustrated my children as they have tried to learn to crochet and sew. I have been hesitant to help them with ceramics, painting and other art. As much as I see the benefit of them, elective classes are not my strength as mom and teacher.

Easy And Accessible Craft Lessons From The Makers Club Membership

Elevation Homemade’s Makers Club Membership is a perfect option for homeschooling families looking to add more creativity to their education (especially for moms like me who struggle with crafty things!).

The membership gives you unlimited access to a variety of classes designed to help your child develop real life skills through completing crafts with a purpose. These lessons nurture talents that will follow them into adulthood with tons of options to meet every child’s interest.

More than just pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks, The Maker’s Club Membership takes a comprehensive and engaging approach to electives in your child’s learning.

Online Craft Lessons

With this membership, your child will have access to:

  • Step-by-step foundations skills video series
  • Live Q & A sessions and online social hangouts
  • New projects for extending their learning

Take a look at all the options available with The Maker’s Club Membership!

Online Craft Lessons

The Makers Club is committed to creating a safe, vibrant online community for kids. The platform has safeguards in place to ensure your child is safe, as they engage and enjoy.

Why Online Craft Lessons Work So Well For My Child

My child tends to be a bit of an anxious perfectionist when it comes to his creations. Rather than fighting this, I have learned to embrace this reality and find options that accommodate his needs.

Learning online with The Makers Club allowed him to stop and start videos to take his time and perfect his creation. This benefit also helps when he decides he needs to scrap a current project and begin again.

We can simply rewind the video and start fresh.

A Makers Club Membership from Elevation Handmade In Your Homeschool

The Maker’s Club Membership is an excellent way for your child to explore their own interests and talents in a way that is purposeful and fun. They’ll have easy to access instruction, and all the time they need to create and express themselves. Plus, no pressure on mom!

Try Elevation Handmade’s Makers Club Membership in your homeschool.

Save 50% on a membership through July 31, 2023 with the code: MAKERSCLUB50

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