Technology Education Classes For Your Homeschool With MYTEK LAB

It is no secret that technology plays a significant role in our world (and getting more significant everyday). Adding technology education to our homeschool seems obvious and yet most of us have no idea where to start.

homeschool tech classes

The Role Of Technology Education In Our Homeschool

My oldest is naturally tech savvy. He taught himself the basics of coding. He learned to build computers from scratch by watching YouTube videos. Technology education was not something I ever worried about, until he graduated and my youngest began homeschooling high school.

Technology does not come easy to my youngest, but I feel strongly that needs to be a component of his education.

technology education with MYTEK LAB

The Benefits Of Learning To Code

While coding skills are obviously important for many computer and technology related careers, the advantages of learning to code go far beyond job prospects.

Learning to code can build on a learner’s natural ability in:

  • Problem solving
  • Creative Thinking
  • Data and Process Visualization

This list is exactly what I want to foster in my child’s development, and technology education can provide it.

technology education with MYTEK LAB

Homeschool Technology Classes With MYTEK LAB

MYTEK LAB offers live online technology instruction for grades 3rd-12th. They offer a range of weekly enriching lessons with beginner to advanced topics.

MYTEK LAB was the vision and dream of Stephen and Jacky Souders for years. A couple with two children, I appreciate the prospect of supporting this small family business.

I first learned about MYTEK LAB from my friend Emily, at Table Life Blog. Not only did she share her family’s experience in this technology education post, but she has been singing their praises ever since.

Based on her recommendation alone, we wanted to give it a try!

MYTEK LAB’s Online Coding Classes

MYTEK LAB’s Technology Lab Level 1 includes introduction to various components of technology education.

In this live and interactive course, students learn programming fundamentals, creative applications, web design tools, and many general technology concepts.

Technology Lab 1 is a comprehensive year long course and is designed for Middle School and High School students with very little technology experience.

The course includes:

  • Computer fundamentals
  • 2D Game Art
  • Programming
  • 3D modeling for games
  • VR Development
  • Web Design
  • Robotics
  • 3D Modeling for 3D Printing

Level 2 allows learners to use the skills they learned in Level 1, and also dig deeper into coding and more complex applications.

While I have no idea where to even begin with these topics, MYTEK LAB does a wonderful job of carefully introducing them in a way that is engaging for my son.


The Advantages Of Using MYTEK LABS For Technology Education In Your Homeschool

After sitting in on a lesson and looking back over past lessons, I think there are some real advantages to using MYTEK LAB in your homeschool.

  1. The classes are designed for middle and high school students and are age appropriate. (Not too advanced, not too “babyish”)
  2. This is an easy way teach computer science and add it to your child’s high school transcript.
  3. I like the option of live classes or the ability to watch replays of the entire semester. This was especially helpful for my son who needs a little more time to work through new concepts. The ability to move at a slower pace is essential for us.
  4. This is purely for me, but I love that they send a reminder email a few minutes before class each week.

In summary, I think MYTEK LAB is an excellent resource for online tech instruction. Their combination of practical skills, community and fun keeps students engaged and wanting to learn more.

Take a look at their entire course schedule HERE.

Create a parent account HERE to see all that MYTEK LAB has to offer!

homeschool tech classes

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