Online Homeschool Music Classes (includes Songwriting and Digital Production)

Online music classes with Great Bend Center For Music are a wonderful way to add music education to your homeschool. They even offer classes in songwriting and digital music production! Best of all, their programs are appropriate for children with learning differences.

My son has been musically inclined since he was a young child. Over the past several years, he has taken piano, guitar, voice lessons and even dabbled a bit in drums.

Music Classes For Children With Learning Differences

Even though he is incredibly interested in music, finding the right classes and teachers has been a challenge. His learning differences often get in the way in a traditional approach to teaching music. (Reading music with dyslexia can be a nightmare, according to my son. The notes float all over the page.)

As he has gotten older (and watched more and more YouTube videos about music production) he has developed an interest in both writing his own songs, and potentially creating his own digital music. While I was excited about this interest, I struggled to even know where to start.

Then, I was introduced to Great Bend Center For Music.

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Please know, although I was compensated for my time in writing this post, I only share products that work well for my family. It is my hope they may work for yours as well.

Online Homeschool Music Classes With Great Bend Center For Music

Great Bend Center for Music is a non-profit exploring research-based ways to use music to build community. Their program is founded on the premise that making music together builds connections that nourish self-esteem, leadership, and a sense of belonging.

Research shows that music is a resource that can aid everything from graduation rates to wellness outcomes for seniors. With this premise in mind, Great Bend Center For Music sees the far reaching benefits of music, including:

  • Building strong families
  • Creating better outcomes for kids
  • Healthier communities

I am an absolute believe in the power of music, both for the individual and the community as a whole. As such, Great Bend Center For Music was immediately of interest for me.

As for my son, he was impressed with the class offerings and the fact that he can take them online, from the comfort of his own home.

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Songwriting and Digital Production Classes For Kids

As I mentioned, my son has taken music classes in the past. He wanted something different to challenge and engage him. Great Bend Center For Music’s HighKey Kids™ program is exactly what he was looking for.

HighKey Kids™

HighKey Kids™ offers affordable online music classes for kids in grades 4-12. These classes are 45-minutes and meet one or two days a week. They focus on allowing kids to explore their innate musical talents and interests. The classes offered include topics like:

  • Video Game Music
  • Songwriting
  • Podcasting and Beatmaking
  • Ukulele
  • Piano/Keyboarding

The classes offered through HighKey Kids™ are developed to accommodate students of different ages and ability levels. They introduce kids to the latest digital apps and tools for music-making. They also offer kids the opportunity to work independently and collaboratively.

If you are following my weekly lesson plan recaps, you know that my son had the opportunity to participate in an online songwriting class with Great Bend Center For Music.

He was totally impressed. Here’s why.

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The Benefits Of Online Music Classes With Great Bend Center For Music

Relevant For Age And Interests

For starters, my son loved his songwriting class because it was relevant to his age and interests. They used a Stevie Wonder song to sample a beat and showed how it was used in Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise.

Outstanding Teacher

My son’s teacher was absolutely phenomenal. He created an open, respectful environment that felt more like a music production session than a class.

When my son’s speech differences were asked about in the class, his instructor handled the conversation beautifully, in a way that felt supportive and validating for my child.

All From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

This goes without saying, but not having to make the transition in and out of the house is a huge benefit for both of us.

In our experience, online classes can be difficult to do well and in a way that captures my son’s interest and attention. This was not an issue at all with Great Bend Center For Music.

My son was glued to the screen for the entire class and actively participating with the other kids.

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Try These Online Music Classes In Your Homeschool

If you are looking for an online music option, I highly recommend Great Bend Center For Music.

Use the code homeschool  for 15% off any HighKey Kids™ offering. This includes any 10-week class term, a one-time a la carte class, or any other paid HighKey Kids™ offering.

This code can be used multiple times and will be good for any sign-ups through the end of 2022.

(If you have younger learners, they can participate in Sound Scholars™ for free.)

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