Interest-Led Homeschool Lessons And Record Of Learning For All Ages {week 1, 2023}

As we kick off a new year, I am happy to continue to share our day to day lessons and records of learning. For 2023, I am changing it up a bit to also show you a full week of learning from our elementary years.

Interest-Led Homeschool Lessons And Record Of Learning

Homeschool Records Of Learning

Since 2014, I have essentially kept the same types of learning records for our homeschool.

You can learn more about how I track and maintain records of learning in this post: Unique Homeschool Portfolios, Record Keeping And Transcripts (Interest-Led)

Because I have these all at my disposal, and because so many of you have asked me to share what this type of learning looked like when we were in the younger years, my plan is to include a real life record of learning each week from ages 8-13. I will rotate through the various ages and stages each week, as I also share my son’s existing learning plan and record.


Interest-Led Homeschool Lessons And Record Of Learning {week 1, 2023}

Here is our plan for the week to kick off the new year:

  • Monday
    • Physical Therapy – 2 hours
    • Final practice exam for Written Driving Test
    • Doctor’s Appointment – 1 hour
    • Blood Plasma Infusion – 4 hours
  • Tuesday
    • Music class
    • CTCMath
    • Creative Writing – Poetry
    • Reading/Spelling Practice through text messages
  • Wednesday
    • Rock climbing – 3 hours
    • History – YouTube video of his choosing
    • Mapwork – South America
  • Thursday
    • Rock Climbing – 3 hours
    • Grandma is visiting!
    • Probably YouTube
  • Friday
    • Rock Climbing – 3 hours (he is preparing for the regional championships later this month)
    • Grandma visit
    • Dentist Appointment

Check back next week to see what we actually accomplished and how our plans changed.

Interest-Led Homeschool Lessons And Record Of Learning

Week One Homeschool Record Of Learning: Age 10

NOTES: This was a difficult week for my son. We did not know most of his diagnoses at this time. As such, we were in a whirlwind of anxiety, massive stomach and bathroom issues, as well as what felt like non-stop doctors and therapies. I promised you real life in these records. This week is a great example of what it was really like.

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