What Works In Your Homeschool?

We go into homeschooling with an idea of how it should be. Then life happens. My best advice? Do what works in your homeschool, and let the rest go. Here’s why.

This year has been a lot.

For example, I’m currently writing a new post with a working a title of Homeschooling When Your Life Is Falling Apart because that’s exactly what I’ve been doing this entire school year.

My son has never been enrolled, full time in any type of school, other than preschool. I have been his primary teacher for every grade K-12. Suffice to say, his senior year looks nothing like I thought it would.

And yet, the more things change, the more things stay the same.

What Works In Your Homeschool

He still learns best with a strength based, interest-led approach.

I still panic that I am not doing enough and that I am failing him. This still causes me to try and push for a more traditional type of learning.

It still backfires and we then we settle in to what we both know works best:

Perhaps most importantly, in this final year of his learning, I see first hand how important the time we’ve spent together all these years has been.

In what has also been one of the very worst years of his life, he has known that he can count on me to help him with all the things, from the decision to hold off on getting his driver’s license (he’s too anxious to really focus on the road) to choosing to watch movies all day with me on the couch next to him, avoiding reality for a just a bit.

We are both healing, separately and together, and our continued decision to homeschooling is helping us do it.

In the next few weeks, I will share more details of our learning (and our new life), but what I want you to know first is that no matter how tough life gets, the same things that have always worked for us are what is working now. There’s no magic solution or quick fix. There’s no sweeping plan that I can implement to make it all easier.

It’s just one day, and then next, and then the next. Somehow, it all adds up to an education.

Somehow, it all adds up to a life.

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I tell moms all the time, “Just because it’s difficult, doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong.” I whisper it to myself all the time now too. Maybe you needed the reminder?

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