The Very Best Resources For Parenting A Child With ADHD

When my youngest son was first diagnosed with ADHD, I knew very little about it.

Despite going to school to be a special education teacher…

Despite all my previous time spent in therapist and doctors’ offices…

Despite knowing several other families that had children with ADHD diagnoses…

I still knew almost nothing about this particular childhood difference.

Real resources for parenting a child with ADHD seemed scarce.


Fast forward a couple of years and I am still learning every day how to best help my son.  I know many of you are as well.

With that in mind, I thought I would share the very best resources I have found in my quest to understand ADHD a bit more, and learn how to assist my son in living well with it.

If you have read anything I have written before, you won’t be surprised to learn that all of these resources are from other moms, learning as they go and sharing their stories, their experiences and their best tips and tricks. Other moms are my favorite. 

I have found that the very best resource is almost always another mom, trying to figure out their child, doing the very best they can to help. There is strength in other moms that inspires me. There is a realism that cannot be taught in med school.

There is a simple practicality that make these resources immediately applicable to my life and my to son’s days.


The Best Resources For Parenting A Child With ADHD


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Homeschooling A Child With ADHD

31 Tips For Homeschooling Kids With ADHD

100 Reasons To Homeschool Your Child With ADHD

Our ADHD Homeschool Schedule

Where Do All The Pencils Go? Homeschooling and ADHD


ADHD Resources From Different By Design Learning

Why We Need To Stop Asking If ADHD Is Real

The Best Advice I Have Ever Heard About Parenting A Child With ADHD

Children With ADHD and Time Perception

Homeschooling A Child With ADHD: An Honest Look

Why Is My Child With ADHD So Explosive About School?

The Truth About ADHD and The Middle School Years

Do you have any resources you would add to this list? Please, let me know in the comments as I continue to educate myself and my son about ADHD.

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