100 Must-Know Spelling Words For 4th Grade

This comprehensive word list is a compilation of fourth grade spelling words your child should know. More than just spelling tests, these words will help your child read informational text and create an overall adult proficiency.

Spelling Words For 4th Grade

Why This List Of 4th Grade Spelling Words?

This master spelling list is designed for fourth graders and is based on the words that most often come up in fourth grade lesson plans. You’ll see the words throughout language arts curricula for 4th graders as well as social studies and science. Moreover, although some may be new words, this list represents vocabulary that is meaningful for life beyond the spelling bee.

Spelling Words For 4th Grade

Words For Spelling Practice

  1. about
  2. alive
  3. curl
  4. felt
  5. odd
  6. zoo
  7. dawn
  8. gain
  9. dear
  10. follow
  11. crow
  12. gold
  13. path
  14. safe
  15. giant
  16. degree
  17. roof
  18. useful
  19. aunt
  20. zebra
  21. self
  22. cottage
  23. tuna
  24. few
  25. zero
  26. couch
  27. evening
  28. world
  29. crumb
  30. decide
  31. wait
  32. uncle
  33. visit
  34. camera
  35. garden
  36. false
  37. cheer
  38. gasoline
  39. jaw
  40. noise
  41. fruit
  42. terrible
  43. voyage
  44. beautiful
  45. copying
  46. animal
  47. sink
  48. sharp
  49. paper
  50. surprise
  51. twenty
  52. amount
  53. cancel
  54. newscast
  55. twice
  56. middle
  57. paste
  58. avenue
  59. beggar
  60. guitar
  61. equal
  62. fever
  63. banana
  64. chicken
  65. animal
  66. forecast
  67. vacation
  68. fleece
  69. select
  70. slumber
  71. doubtful
  72. whistling
  73. recommend
  74. consistent
  75. stretch
  76. striving
  77. urge
  78. continue
  79. chimney
  80. alert
  81. pioneer
  82. graceful
  83. poor
  84. remind
  85. libraries
  86. sneezing
  87. neighbor
  88. machine
  89. laughter
  90. weekend
  91. shoulder
  92. quarter
  93. government
  94. impossible
  95. mountain
  96. scariest
  97. actively
  98. wheelchair
  99. vulture
  100. discover
Spelling Words For 4th Grade

How Do Children Learn To Spell?

The process of learning to spell is as complex as the process of learning to read. The good news is, if a child is able to read at a fourth grade level, they are also ready to begin to master the words in the list above.

Here’s a brief overview of how children actually move through the process of learning to spell.


The good news is, our kids learn so much of spelling without ever explicitly being taught. Research has shown that exposure to the spelling words through reading in an already language rich environment does far more to help a child learn to spell than any other factor.


When I was in school, we began each Monday with a pre-test of our new spelling words for the week. Then, we had to write each spelling word 5 times, every single day, until our final test on Friday. This is essentially using memorization to teach spelling.


Learning prefixes and suffixes, speech sounds, spelling patterns and letter knowledge all contribute to a child’s ability to spell.

Spelling Words For 4th Grade

Spelling Word For 4th Grade: Practice Activities:

Because of the various factors in play when a child is learning to spell, these resources provide a variety of options for practice beyond the standard memorization worksheet.

These 5 resources are excellent options for learner practice. They incorporate movement and a multisensory approach to increase retention.

  1. Spelling Hopscotch – Draw a hopscotch square with sidewalk chalk. Add a spelling word to each square. When your marker lands on a square spell the word aloud before hopping.
  2. Clap It Out – Spell aloud and as you do, clap for each letter.
  3. Scrabble Tiles – Use scrabble tiles to spell each of the words on your list.
  4. Trampoline Spelling – Place the 26 letters of the alphabet all around the trampoline. Then, have your child jump to the appropriate letter as the spell the word out loud.
  5. Play Hangman – Use the spelling word list to practice with a game of Hangman.

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