When Your Child Needs To Homeschool Through The Summer

We have our regular school year. Then, we have what I have come to refer to as “summer learning.” This is what it looks like when your child needs to homeschool through the summer.

I have written a lot about our summer learning plans and activities. 

I have done to it support you, of course. But the truth is, I have written so much about it over the past several years because summer has been a bit of a struggle for me.

While I went into this homeschool thing thinking we would take a traditional summer break each year, my children quickly taught me that a long break with little structure is all wrong for their needs.

Add to it the very real learning differences and delays my children work hard to keep up with, and what you get is a mom, surrendering to summer each and every year.

Now, we do learn year-round. But that it sounds so sad. No summer vacation. No days at the beach. No feeling of excitement when late August rolls around and it’s time to begin anew.

No, instead of year-round homeschooling, we employ something just a little bit different.

We have our regular school year. Then we have what I have come to refer to as “summer learning.”

When Your Child Needs To Homeschool Through The Summer

Maybe you are in the same boat, trying to figure out how to make summer homeschooling work, while still having it feel fun. Maybe you are terrified of relaxing the educational therapies and reading practice, but know y’all need a break. Maybe this is your first summer homeschooling and all you feel is confusion and pressure.

No matter what brings you here today, I want to give you tons of options and ideas for you to consider as you homeschool through the summer. 

It’s always easier when we do it together. 

Wishing you a very happy summer of learning!


When Your Child Needs To Homeschool Through The Summer

This is a collection of everything I have written about our experiences homeschooling through the summer. 

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This is how we are getting ready for summer learning.

In addition, I am sharing a brand new post today over on Simple Homeschool all about navigating summer with a struggling reader. The truth is, for me, it’s been a challenge to navigate the “summer slide” and still give my son the rest and fun he deserves for his summer. 

In a moment of inspiration, or maybe desperation, I made the decision a few summers ago to completely change my approach. With every subsequent summer, I have found more and more success in helping my struggling reader.

Summer learning

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