Teaching Textbooks 4.0 For Children With Learning Differences

My oldest son is graduating this year.

In just four short months, our time together homeschooling will be finished.

One of the subjects that caused the greatest concern and frustration for him (and for me!) was always math. Part of it is the very real fact that he has dyscalculia. Part of it was not knowing finding a program that worked best for his unique learning needs. 

Please know, although I was compensated for my time in writing this post, I only share resources that really work for my family. It is my hope that they may help yours as well!

A few years ago, we decided to try to change things up a bit for him and begin an online math program.

I chose Teaching Textbooks and it was a game changer for my child. 

Teaching Textbooks 4.0

Math For Children With Learning Differences

When children have specific differences in processing speed, reading, writing, and yes, math, they need a program that works with their learning style, not against it. 

Teaching Textbooks did this for my oldest son. Here’s how.

Multi-Sensory Approach

All lessons are read aloud. This audio-math made a significant difference my son’s ability to progress through the learning, because it allows him to interact with more than one sense. He sees it on the screen, and he hears it in his headphones.

The lessons are also designed to be interactive, helping with attention and retention. 

Age Appropriate

Teaching Textbooks avoids the “this is babyish” complaint I often hear from my teens. The lessons have interesting animation that is mostly age-neutral. Plus, being online immediately gives them the impression of being more “adult.”


Independent Learning

The teaching is interactive with immediate feedback. If a problem is missed, the learner can try what they missed again, or if needed, watch the program solve it for them. This was helpful in transitioning my oldest to more independent learning.

Spiral Learning

 Spiral learning means that previously taught concepts are reviewed periodically, throughout the entire program. With Teaching Textbooks, the program gently and frequently reviews what they’ve learned and allows them to continue to move forward.

This helped my son retain the learning that was most difficult for him. He had multiple exposures and chances to practice. 

Teaching Textbooks 4.0


Teaching Textbooks 4.0 is now available!

Now, the program is even better and more appropriate for our children’s needs.

Teaching Textbooks is now app-based (a major upgrade from their previous flash-based and CD-ROM versions.)

This new format offers many advantages. 

Take a look at the 4.0 upgrades and enhancements, all designed to make our kiddos experience (and ours!) easier and more effective.

  • Teaching Textbook products are no longer dependent of the Flash Plug-In, which makes them easier to use.
  • The 4.0 products were designed for phone and tablet use. Moreover, they can be used offline (for up to 6 lessons at a time without reconnecting to our servers). As a result, TT can now truly be used anywhere and at anytime.
  • This latest version has a host of new parent and student features such as a running course average (for parents), more and greater controls (for parents), and a place to work out the steps of a problem on-screen (for students)…just to name a few.

teaching textbooks 4.0


Try Teaching Textbooks 4.0 For Free

Teaching Textbooks, as I said, was a game changer for my son. I think it’s worth taking a look for your family as well. 

Teaching Textbooks is offering an incredible  free trial. Try any and every level for the first 15 lessons. Everything is included, and your child’s progress will be transferred if and when you purchase the complete program.

teaching textbooks 4.0


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