Online High School Science For Your Homeschool With Edison Learning

Finding the right high school science class can be difficult when your child has learning differences. Edison Learning is an excellent option to consider for your homeschool. Here’s why.

If you have been following along in our weekly lesson plan recaps, you know that my son specifically asked to try more online learning this year.

Part of it is that he is now in 10th grade and wants the independence. More importantly however, is that he is starting to understand his need for multi-sensory, nontraditional approaches to learning. He has said that he “can tell it works better for him” to work online.

Online Homeschool Courses For High School

Because we knew he needed a high school level physical science course this year, we were both worried about options. Most of what I found was incredibly textbook based and not at all in line with his learning needs.

I was a bit worried that I might need to cobble something together for him, until we found Edison Learning.

online high school classes
Please know, although I was compensated for my time in writing this post, I only share resources that genuinely fit my family’s needs.

EdisonLearnNow’s online 6-12 homeschool curriculum covers math, science, social studies, electives, foreign language, honors, and career and technical prep. 

They offer competency level, honors, and credit recovery courses in :

  • Algebra and Algebra 2
  • American History
  • Biology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Chemistry
  • Art and Music Appreciation
  • Earth Science
  • English 1-4
  • Environmental Science
  • and so many more!

We chose competency level Chemistry for this semester.

online high school classes

Homeschool Teacher Support For Higher Level Courses

One of the things that caught my attention initially, was Edison Learning’s commitment to homeschool teacher resources and support.

My son is taking chemistry this year. I remember very, very little about my own high school chemistry class and quite frankly, what I do remember is definitely not enough to help an already struggling learner pass the course.

The EdisonLearnNow platform provides resources and support for homeschool parents to help you feel a sense of expertise as you help your child learn.

But that’s not the best part.

online high school classes

Multisensory Online Chemistry With Edison Learning

The most important thing that makes the EdisonLearnNow platform a great choice for my son is how the information is organized and presented.

For example, the home screen looks similar to my oldest child’s online college courses. No animals or cartoons. Nothing to make my 16 year old “feel like a baby.”

Even better, the course itself is taught in a way that is absolutely multisensory. The slides on the screen are clutter free and easy to read (a necessity for a child with dyslexia).

There is a text-to-speech option that allows my son to follow along with the lecture and the slides also visually highlight key points and phrases as you go. My son also mentioned how much he liked the voice in the text-to-speech, as it is a real person, not a robot!

In addition, transcripts of the presentations are also easily downloaded, so we are able to read them together as a kind of follow-up study. This helps me make sure he is comprehending and retaining the information. It also serves as a review for him, as well as a little bit of practical reading practice.

If I were trying to design a higher level course for my son, this is exactly how I would do it.

Try Edison Learning In Your Homeschool

Just in time for back to school, Edison Learning is offering your first month free with coupon code LevelUp. This offer expires 12.31.2022.

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