Headsets For Children With Learning Differences: An Overview

The value of using headsets for children with learning differences is significant for many learners. Let’s explore the reasons why they make such an impact and consider examples of headsets that really work in an educational setting.

Headsets For Children With Learning Differences: An Overview

Over the years, I have shared many resources that have made a real difference in homeschooling children with various learning needs.

As my own learners have grown older and even graduated high school, the two resources I sing the praises of most often are audiobooks and YouTube videos. Hands-down, without exception, learning through these two options has made the most significant impact in our learning.

There is however, one important accessory that we have needed in order to fully take advantage of these learning options – Headsets.

AVID headset on child

Headsets For Learning

For years, our approach to learning has been one accommodating the unique circumstances and needs of my family. Having the right headset for each child has helped immensely in a variety of ways.

Consider the following examples of how headsets have a been a lifesaver in our homeschool.

On The Go Learning

I would estimate that some years, more than half of our learning happened in the car. We live in Southern California and often had therapist and doctor appointments an hour or more away in traffic. Add to that needing to take a sibling along for “waiting room learning” and you can see the value of listening to audiobooks, watching videos, and playing educational games on the go.

Having the right headset for each of my children made this possible. (It also helped when they were struggling and just needed a break from each other while we commuted home at the end of the day!)

AVID Headsets in car

Individualized Learning

Although I homeschooled two children side by side for more than 10 years, their learning strengths and needs were vastly different. Individual headsets allowed me to create learning plans for each of them that directly correlated with their personal interests and learning levels.

Auditory Processing Disorder

Because my youngest has auditory processing disorder, headsets often help him to better focus on video and audio learning, automatically filtering out background noise and distractions.

The Challenge Of Finding The Right Headset For Your Child

I would be remiss to share all the ways headsets worked for us without also sharing how difficult it has been to find the right pair of headsets for each of my children. In my experience, the only worse than not having headsets for learning is having the wrong headset for learning.

Here’s why:

Sensory Issues

The fit of a pair of headsets is critical for a child who struggles with sensory processing differences. For instance, one of my children will only wear in ear earbuds while the other can’t stand them. Conversely, headsets worn over the ears can be extremely irritating for some children with sensory differences.

Sensory processing disorder may also include a sensitivity/hypersensitivity to sound, so headsets with any level of feedback or “clicking” as my son calls it can create an aversion to audio learning.

Auditory Processing Difficulties

Headsets that do not clearly and crisply relay audio can create challenges for a child with auditory processing issues and actually get in the way of learning.

Avid Headsets: Innovative Audio For Your Child’s Learning

Founded in 1953 by Albert C. Allen, AVID is named for the acronym Audio Visual Instructional Device. More than sixty years later, AVID Products, Inc. is “committed to creating solutions and services with purpose, on a mission to make an impact in the lives of the people they serve.”

AVID Headsets for learning

AVID Products, Inc.

  • AVID is a US-based company in Providence, Rhode Island.
  • They are 30-person employee-owned company.
  • The company has been around for over 70-years, since 1953.
  • AVID offers a free headset recycling program
  • All of AVID’s products are as safe as possible, including Prop-65 and RoHS compliant.

Take a look at AVID Products, Inc. in action!

My son is completely impressed with AVID products. We have both the headphones without mic for audio only and the headset with mic for gaming and interactive learning apps. Both are superior in quality to any of our previous headsets.

Most importantly, AVID products provide an audio experience that easily accommodates my son’s unique needs.

Avid Headsets for homeschooler

Right now, you can try AVID audio products in your homeschool using code HOMESCHOOL for 20% off through July 31, 2024.

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