A True Multi-Sensory Reading Curriculum For Children With Dyslexia

When my son was first diagnosed with dyslexia, we had very little to go on.

I knew the usual curriculum options were not working. We had tried everything and then tried it again, but nothing really seemed to work. Moreover, my son was becoming increasingly frustrated and resistant.

I asked the therapist completing the evaluation how we needed to proceed in our homeschool. While he was super helpful and engaged, he honestly answered, “I have no idea.”

Six years, endless educational therapy sessions, and a ton of trial and error later, I know the most basic answer to my question.

Teaching a dyslexic child to read absolutely requires a different approach than the norm.

For my son, this has meant a ton of hands-on, multi-sensory learning. 

dyslexia curriculum

When a mom asks me what to do to help her dyslexic child learn to read, I usually point her to the various posts I have written about incorporating movement and tactile learning into our days. But it has never been enough

I have been looking for a curriculum that adequately teaches reading in a way that works best for the visual-spatial needs of a dyslexic learner. Most have some elements, as the Orton-Gillingham, multi-sensory approach is widely accepted as the best possible way to help a dyslexic child learn to read. But they can be cumbersome and hard to apply in a homeschool setting. 

Today, I want to introduce you to a new option that feels like it was designed exactly for my son’s learning needs.

Please know, although I was compensated for my time in writing this post, I only share products that genuinely impress me and work for my family. It is my hope they might help yours as well. 

PDX Reading Specialist was founded by a former teacher, Barbara Steinberg, M.Ed. In the classroom, she often saw intelligent kids, eager to learn, but still struggling with the basics of reading. She went back to graduate school to learn more about helping children with learning differences and her new business was born. 

This is the company’s background from their own site:

In 2009, PDX Reading Specialist, LLC was created with a simple mission–to create CONFIDENT and CAPABLE learners. Since then, PDX Reading Specialist, LLC has helped hundreds of students overcome the challenges of dyslexia through remediation. Equally important, we’ve inspired these remarkable individuals to discover their hidden gifts and become self-advocates. In addition, Barbara has advocated for students at IEP meetings and led workshops on dyslexia for teachers, parents and other professionals. 

What does this have to do with a new multi-sensory reading curriculum?

Based on the success PDX Reading Specialist has seen working one on one with children, they are creating a curriculum based on their real life methods that have proven to be a success. 

A New Dyslexia Reading Program

The Dyslexia Tool Kit, Level 1 is an all in one, comprehensive curriculum, focusing on the foundational skills needed for skilled reading: Phonological Awareness & Alphabet Knowledge. 

It contains countless game boards, hands-on activities using dice, a puppet, word/picture cards and more. 

What impresses me most about the Dyslexia Tool Kit is how the multi-sensory elements are woven throughout the learning. The activities ARE the learning – not an after thought or supplement as in many other programs. 

A True Multi-Sensory Reading Curriculum For Children With Dyslexia

This commitment to providing a curriculum that works with, and not against a child struggling with dyslexia, is what impressed me most about this program. It is far easier to use than the typical Orton-Gillingham based curriculum and is far more equipped, in my opinion, to successfully engage a dyslexic learner in developing the skills to read. 


I can’t encourage you enough to take a look and learn more about this toolkit, especially if your child is dyslexic or struggling to learn to read in a traditional approach. 

You can find out more on social media – 

Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/PDXReadingSpecialist/        

Pinterest     https://www.pinterest.com/pdxreading/       

Instagram  @pdxreadingspecialist   

and directly at the PDX Reading Specialist site

Even better, enter to win one of your own!



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Also the first 150 people who purchase a Dyslexia Toolkit – Level 1 will receive a free Student Workbook – Alphabet Knowledge that goes along with the Dyslexia Toolkit – Level 1 {no code required}

This 152 page workbook is priced at $12.00 but can be yours for free. 

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