Traveling The World At Home

We don’t get out much.

Between the various needs of my family, and the fact that my husband and are complete homebodies, it’s just not really our season for travel.

We may be home, a lot, but we also love learning about the world. My boys are fascinated, and always have been, by other cultures and landscapes.

We study maps.

We discuss every single location we read about.

We watch YouTube videos.

We explore the world in a way that makes sense for us.

Please know, I reached out to Around The World Stories and asked for the opportunity to partner. I was thrilled that they agreed and gifted me complimentary access to the stories. I am sharing because this has been a wonderful option for my family.

Over the course of the past few months, we have had the privilege of joining another family as they travel the world and take in all it has to offer.

Around The World Stories has been a perfect fit for my family’s interests, dreams and yes, our unique needs.

Matt, Tania and their three daughters have been traveling Europe for the past year, in hopes of providing authentic stories about other countries that both educate and entertain. My boys and I have loved seeing their slice of life pictures on Instagram and honestly feel like we have gotten a taste of international travel, right from our own living room.


The best part is they are publishing audio stories from the countries and regions they visit, as they visit. The stories, from a child’s perspective, are beautiful and have proven to be a wonderful (and effective) way to learn more about the world cultures.

Their site also includes parent guides with discussion points and country background as well as my sons’ favorite section – activities that correlate to the story. There are crafts, recipes, and activities related that are good for a variety of ages.

Photo Credit – Around The World Stories

This is my new go-to for the afternoons when things just get a little too out of control. Several times already, I have turned on one of the stories to help my youngest son calm down after a panic attack. He lies on the couch with his dog and listens, giggles and eventually, gets up and wants to look at all the pictures on the site.

We also have listened to a few stories in the car – it keeps my boys calm and passes the time well.

Overall, I love the creativity and the flexibility Around The World Stories provides.  I am grateful for the time, care and quality that shows through in everything they offer.

It has been an excellent addition to our “summer school that isn’t school.”

“Lessons may come and go, but a good story sticks.” – Around the World Stories


Wanna give it a try with your family? Right now, Around The World Stories is offering one month free for Not The Former Things readers. Get one month free trial with the code NOTTHEFORMERTHINGSTRIAL.  Even better, Matt and Tania are also graciously offering $20.00 off to Not The Former Things readers who prefer to proceed at their own pace with the entire story pack. Use NOTTHEFORMERTHINGS20 and enjoy!

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