The Best Way To Homeschool A Foreign Language

Are you interested in adding a foreign language for your child, but you don’t know where to start? This is the best way I’ve found to homeschool a foreign language. 

When my youngest son was about seven years old, he proudly proclaimed that he wanted to learn to speak French.

As this came out of nowhere, I asked him why. “Because it is beautiful and my wife will love it,” was his answer. (Sweet boy…)

I remember worrying at the time, “English is enough of a challenge for him. How will I ever be able to teach him French?”



Seven years later, he still wants to learn to speak French. 

It’s been a bucket list item for him since that fateful day, and, I am sad to say, through all the speech therapy, reading interventions, and learning disability diagnoses, I still struggled to see how it would ever actually happen.

I tried a few different options, but they all required reading ability far beyond him. I don’t speak French, so I couldn’t teach him on my own. And, again, if you have been a reader for any length of time, you know that teaching him English has been a constant focus and need.


The Best Way To Homeschool A Foreign Language

Please know, although I was compensated for my time in writing this post, I only share products that genuinely work for my family. I hope they work for yours as well!


Because he is getting closer and closer to his high school years, I knew I needed a solution for his graduation requirement, and more importantly, to satisfy his sustained interest in learning French.

Luckily, I found TalkBox.Mom.


The Best Way To Homeschool A Foreign Language


Can You Really Homeschool A Foreign Language?

TalkBox.Mom is an innovative and dramatically different program for learning a second language. It uses a lifestyle approach and is designed to have your child speaking in your chosen language on the very first day!

It is a subscription based service that gives you everything you need each month to begin speaking the language in everyday life, in the context of your own home.

Here’s how it works. 


The Best Way To Homeschool A Foreign Language


The Best Way To Homeschool A Foreign Language 

TalkBox.Mom is so simple, it’s genius. There are essentially the three steps to learning a new language with this approach.


Step #1 – Put Up Visuals

The program includes beautiful, poster quality visuals to display for easy reference. Because my son began learning French with a series of words and phrases associated with snacks and eating, we hung ours up in the kitchen. (By the way, how perfect is it that the program starts with snacks? Interest-led learning for the win!)

After reviewing the phrases ourselves, we moved on to the audio.


Step #2 – Listen To The Audio

TalkBox.Mom has a members only app that allows you to hear the correct pronunciation. It takes about five minutes to listen and repeat back the phrases for each daily lesson. It’s only five minutes because the real learning happens in step three.


The Best Way To Homeschool A Foreign Language


Step #3 – Practice In Real Life

Once you and your child have listened to and familiarized yourselves with the phrases, you simply use them in real life.

For example, every time my son was hungry, he told me so in French.

“J’ai faim.”

I replied in French. 

“Tu as faim?”

He replied.

“Oui. J’ai tres faim.”

Because we only practice four or five phrases each week, it has been easy for him to remember and keep track. Also, there is very little reading or formal study involved. He is literally learning to speak French in the way he learns best – experiential, real-life learning.



I absolutely love this approach! It certainly works brilliantly for children with learning differences, but the truth is, I am learning this way as well. This immersive, everyday approach is simply the best way to homeschool a foreign language!



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