I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your being here.

As a token of my gratitude and respect, from time to time I create free resources that I hope will be helpful for you and yours.  

Please enjoy, and again, thank you so much.

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Free Homeschool Resources from Different By Design Learning

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Helping An Anxious Child – What I Need To Calm Down worksheet

St. Patrick’s Day Social Skills Activity: If I Were A Leprechaun

Skin Study Notebooking Pages

“Skin Man”

Harry Potter Word Search

Christmas Code Breaking Activity

Christmas Code Breaking Activity For Kids #christmasactivity #kidsactivity #freeprintable #christmasprintable

Curriculum and Children With Learning Differences – Checklist

25 Resources To Encourage Out-Of-The Box Learning (printable)

Sensory Activities Around The House (printable)

Sensory Activities Around The House #spd #sensoryprocessing #adhd #learningdifferences #occupationaltherapy

Shawna’s Parenting An Explosive Child Series

This series is an in-depth look at how our approach, our day-to-day failures, successes and the progress we are seeing.

Topics include:

Why is My Child so Explosive?


Calming the Explosive Child

What Do I Do When My Child Has Completely Lost Control?

Homeschooling an Explosive Child

The Best Thing You Can Do To Help An Explosive Child