Homeschooling An Explosive Child

Everything I’ve learned in ten years of  Homeschooling An Explosive Child. There were scratches up and down my arms and my mascara was smudged. I glanced in the rear view mirror and noted that my hair would also need to be fixed before I went into the office. I looked like […]

How Do I Help My Explosive Child Calm Down?

It’s the one question I asked over and over again with no real answers – How Do I Help My Explosive Child Calm Down? What’s going to happen when he’s older and able to do more damage? Someone is going to get hurt. What if the neighbors call the police? […]

Why Is My Child So Explosive?

When my son kicked the windshield, I didn’t think it would break. I was wrong. Apparently, the force of losing all rational thought and ability was enough to crack it from end to end. He was crying, flailing and screaming at me. “I can’t do it. Mommmmeeeeeeeee. I can’t.  I […]

The Long Obedience of Motherhood

My sweet son had a significant meltdown last night. Like for reals. It’s the first we’ve had at this level in a long time. Eventually, he was able to calm down enough to lie down with his service dog, Sammy. He cried, ran his hands over Sammy’s body and murmured […]

The Best Thing You Can Do To Help An Explosive Child

“I am going to write a doctor’s note for you stating that you have a serious medical condition. Perhaps this will help you get respite care from someone.” After months of crippling headaches, a stabbing sensation behind my right eye and shooting pains down the right side of my body, […]